Red Spots On Fiddle Leaf Fig [ Why + Fix ]

The fiddle leaf fig leaf is one of the most loved home plants. It is well cared for by many and used for beautifying the home.

Interestingly, the plant is considered to be fairly easy to maintain. Despite this ease, it sometimes turns out with red spots.

So, what do these red spots mean? Does it have any remedy? In this article, I would discuss the cause of red spots on fiddle leaf fig tree, and how to fix it.

Generally, any spots or colorization of leaf outside the normal green color suggest there is a problem. This is true for all plants with green leaves.

The situation is not different in the case of the fiddle leaf fig tree.

For fig trees, when the leaf has red spots it means that the plant may be affected by infections. The infection is either fungi or bacteria origin.

Though learning to know that your plant may be infected is worrisome but the good news is that there are solutions.

Causes of Red Spots On Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

Before we take a look at the solutions to red spots on fig tree leaves, it is pertinent to understand how these red spots come about. Here are four causes of the red spots on fiddle leaf fog and how to fix them.

Watering Issues:

The most notable cause of the red spots on the fiddle leaf fig is an abnormal watering system of the plant. This is generally referred to as Edema or moisture stress.

In simple explanatory words, it means that the plant is having too much water than it requires for growth.

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You are wondering how that turns out to be red spots? Well, it’s simple, when the plant takes in too much water, the cells expand and eventually burst after a while.

The presence of the dead cells is what turns to red spots on the leaves.

Before we discuss the solution for red spots caused due to moisture stress, it is important to note two things. The first is the growth cycle of the plant.

If it is still in the young stage, it is not unexpected because it needs lots of water at this point.

The second thing to note is if there are growing sprouts around the root. If there are, it means you need to apply the solution carefully so as not to affect the new sprouts.

These two points to note will guide how you administer the remedy.

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Solution: Well, it’s simple, just reduce the water as you wet the plant.

This must be done guardedly depending on the two things discussed above. If it’s a mature plant, you can easily reduce the water and the red spots will clear out in a matter of time.

For those in the growing stage or with new sprouts at the root strategically wet them a good portion of water just enough to facilitate their growth.

This way you will get rid of red spots caused by moisture stress.

Spider Mites or Bacteria Infestation:

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Another common cause of red spots on the fiddle leaf fig is traced to the operation of spider mites.

Spider mites are known to abode under the leaves.

They usually form a protective web there and feed on the cells on the leave.

Their feeding on the cells eventually results in the death of these cells. Just as discussed in the first cause (moisture stress), the dead cells cause the red spots.

For spider mites, it can also be a brown spot on the leaves.

For red spots caused by spider mites, the solution is a bit different. It is as simple as removing them from the plant leaves. That sounds simple but not too simple because these spider mites are microscopic.

So you may need a microscope to view them but the good news is that their protective silky web is visible.

Just check under the leaf for it. If you can see it under, you can remove it. You will need jet water spray. That will also take care of the eggs they may have laid. I believe that prevention Is better in this case than cure.

Apart from the above discussed common causes of red spots on fiddle leaf fig. There is a very rare cause that most people don’t know, it is a bacterial infection.

This may be the next to consider if you have checked your plant for spider mites and you are sure the water supply for your plant is not more than what is needed for their growth.

Then your plant may be under attack of bacteria infection. This is also a cause of red spots on fiddle leaf fig.

If you suspect that this is the cause of the red spots, then a remedial step should be the next thing. Begin by removing any potential bacteria host around the plant. Next is to get bacteria treatment spray for the plant and spray, most especially the affected areas.

In some cases, you may need to cut off leaves that are badly infected to avoid a spread and for effective treatment. You may as well consider repotting the plant.

You may need to watch the plant for a while till normalcy returns.

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Root Rot:

Also, red spots on the fiddle leaf fig may result from root rot.

This cause of red spots is directly linked to the first option we discussed. Confused? Don’t be, I can explain.

When you wet the plant with excessive water, fungi may be attracted by fungi infection carriers.

If this happens, root rot may result. The aftermath is red spots in leaves and if this is left unattended to, death is inevitable. It is worth noting that a bad choice of soil may cause high moisture content in the root too.

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Solution: Create a good drainage system for your plant. It should supply the required amount of water that will support the growth at each phase in the growth cycle.

This is very important! Next, if you suspect that there is root rot, you need to check by carefully removing the root. If it is root rot, you see a mushy and brown root.

For treatment, you will need to cut off the mushy and brown sides of the root.

After which you are to repot the plant. Please note that this solution is for plants with few red spots.

If the red spots have covered a large area of the leaves, it’s best to cut off the infected leaves. Note that whether or not it’s a few red spots, you would need to re-pot the plant and allow it to dry before you begin to water it.

While these are self-care options to get rid of the red spots on fiddle leaf fig, it is not out of place to get a professional to look at the plant.

They will be able to give you the best professional and tailor-made advice on what to do to address the situation.

With this, I believe you now understand what Red spots on fiddle leaf fig mean and how to address the situation.