How to Make a Garden Arch With PVC Pipe

This article is a stepwise guide on how to make a garden arch with PVC pipe.

With a garden arch, you can get the best foundation for various forms of plants. Besides, it is also an excellent way to beautify the entry of your garden.

You can make a beautiful garden arch that will not burn a hole in your pocket using PVC pipes. They are readily available and provide a ready alternative to rod iron and cedar archways.

A garden arch adds color to your garden, but without a doubt, getting a garden arch is pretty expensive.

If you need a high-quality one that will stand the test of time, be ready to part away with a handful of money.

You, however, do not have to spend a lot of money before having a beautiful arch in your garden.

If you are handy, with the right set of equipment, you can make a garden arch with PVC pipe.

It is simple, and you need no specialized knowledge and experience to make this. With the right material, you can make a beautiful garden arch using cheap readily available materials.

Why use PVC for Garden Arch?

There are other types of materials one can use for making an arch.

As a result, you might wonder if wood or metal will also make better material for a garden arch.

While other materials are a good choice as well, Most people prefer PVC due to some advantages that we will discuss below

They are Versatile: Especially the white ones, add a structured look and feel to the garden.

A White pipe differs from the typical green color of plants. It also blends with other colors of fruits and flowers.

They provide added Support: Another advantage is that they provide the needed support for your garden plant.

In addition, they can easily adjust and bend to give the right support.

Also, you can buy some extra accessories to provide bends and make them turn in ways you desire.

This is one of the advantages of plastic pipe has, compared to metal and wood that are limited to a straight line.  

They’re are durable: there is a big chance that metal and other iron will rust, and wood will degrade (due to excess water and insect infestation) over time.

As a result, you need to coat woods with weather-resistant chemicals.

This adds to the overall cost of using metal and wood for the garden arch.

Making them the right choice in the long run.

The pipes are waterproof; hence it can withstand rain. Also, it will survive sunlight, snow, and can even survive inside the soil.

Besides, larger pipes can support massive plants and their fruits.  

Require little to no maintenance: once you make your arch, there is no extra task of maintaining it.

This is not possible with wood or metal as you need to coat the pipe metal with a rust resistance chemical and paint the wood as well.

This makes them unsuitable in the long run.

All in all, these pipes come with many advantages that make it the preferred choice.

The next section addresses what you need to go about the arching process.

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Tools Required to Get Started

  • PVC cement
  • Hacksaw
  • Tape measure
  • Sharpie marker
  • PVC pipes
  • Trowel
  • Rubber mallet (to secure the fitting and pipe)
  • Miter Box (for cutting straight lines on the pipe)
  • PVC joints (one cross, two elbows, and 3 Tees)

4 Steps: How To Make A Garden Arch With  PVC Pipe 

Creating a garden arch from your PVC pipe is a pretty simple process. We have listed all the equipment you will need.

This section provides a detailed step by step process that will guide you on how to make a garden arch.

Layout the Materials Lay all the materials on the ground.

For each arch section, lay the pipe by the side, leaving some space between the pipes, at least five feet.

After this, you should also decide on the location where you want your arch and mark it. On getting the ideal situation, use a trowel to dig a hole that will fit the arch. 

Ideally, you want the holes to be 2 inches deep and five feet apart in the distance.

For more prominent arches, you can increase the gap between the holes.

1. Fix the first Pipe in the Hole 

When you are done with the above, the next point of action is to fix the pipes into the holes.

You need a pretty robust pipe for the first set, so we recommend using a 6-inch pipe.

The depth depends on how strong you want the arch to be. Ideally, 2 inches deep is fine, but you can go as far as 3 inches deep if you want a secure fit.

2. Connect Other Pipes

One of the advantages of a PVC pipe is the ability to use pipe fittings or pipe connectors with them.

With coupling pipe fittings, you can connect several pipes until you get to the required height that your plant will need.

3. Top off the Archway

On getting to the required height that suits you, fixes a tee pipe fitting on the end of each erected pipes.

You can either have a pipe horizontally or perpendicular to the two pipes standing.

Also, in joining the pipe, you can bend it to link them to the elbow fittings. This will give it a wedding arch shape. Also, there is the option to use a tee fitting to make an arch that resembles the letter H.

4. Make Other Arches

Now that you have made the first arch, you can make other ones.

The first one will serve as a model that will guide you in making the other ones.

The first four steps above are all you need to create a new set of arches.

You can also add some creativity by designing the arch. This comes down to adding flowers, painting, or whatever appeals to you.

This is a factor of your preference and how creative you can get.

You can attach the arch to the ground with sandbags or stakes to keep them rigid and prevent wind from blowing them off during a storm.

You can simply take these off when the season is over. When the planting season is over, you can simply store them or move these to another bed.

You can also add some vertical string to provide adequate room for your plant to attach.

You can use several strings in an arch to accommodate many plants.


As it is evident from the steps described above, making a beautiful archway for your garden requires no particular expertise.

If you are handy with simple household tools, you will find the process pretty straightforward.

You can make a simple garden arch with PVC pipe following the steps provided above.

If you can follow the steps described, you can make a simple and beautiful archway for your garden. Eliminating the need for expensive tools to successfully create a garden arch with PVC pipes.  

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