Best Stick Edgers (2022 Buyer’s Guide)

Lawnmowers are too wide to cut the edges that are close to sidewalks, driveways, walking paths, etc., with the requisite precision. Only the very best stick edger can consistently deliver lawn edges that look like perfectly manicured nails.

If you’ve wondered about the “magic” behind lawns with perfectly trimmed crisp edges the secret to those evenly-trimmed edges is the lawn edger. This is why I reviewed 5 of the very best stick edgers on the market today to make the task of shopping for one less stressful. This guide also includes everything you need to know about stick edgers including maintenance tips and important features to keep in mind when looking to purchase one.

Top 5 Best Stick Edgers: Review

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Ego Power+ Cordless Edger

Worx WG896 Lawn Edger

Black+Decker LE760FF Electric Landscape Edger

Greenworks 27032 Electric Edger

Echo PE-225 Shaft Edge Trimmer

#1. Ego Power+ Cordless Edger

We kick off this review with this innovative Power+ Cordless Edger by EGR that is packed with several unique features all aimed at giving your lawn’s edge more than satisfactory trimming. The Super easy-to-use machine features an 8″ blade and a more than decent 3″ cutting depth so you might want to avoid narrow troughs while working with it. That said, it easily qualifies as one of the best cordless stick edgers.

Built with high-quality interior materials for durability, it stands out as the only edger that incorporates a brushless motor in the design which also helps to promote its lifespan. Another notable feature that is rare to find in other products is the waterproof design; it carries an IPX4 rating which is another positive notch on the longevity index.

You would also be impressed by the considerable power from the 56V motor; though it won’t be suitable for heavy-duty commercial work. This is basically a premium consumer-grade edger that is easy to work with. Its ease of use is exemplified by the depth and guide wheel adjustment settings situated perfectly for fingertips use.

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#2. Worx WG896 Lawn Edger

With a 12 amp motor that packs more than sufficient power for an edger of this size, a cutting ability that is comparable to the east edgers, and a 3-position blade that comes with superior control for easy adjustment of the cutting depth, there is precious little not to like about this lawn edger by Worx. The combination of the powerful motor and powerful blade delivers a stress-free lawn edging experience all the time.

The sleekly designed edger is a 2 in 1 machine that easily doubles as a trencher. This is thanks to the blades with a comparatively huge 7.5″ span. And talking about design, you are sure to love this edger if aesthetics features as a top variable when shopping for a product to help you trim your lawn’s edges. The black and orange design offset by the silver handle would stand out in any crowd.

The WG896 weighs just under 15 lbs even with such a powerful motor. This makes it pretty easy to manoeuvre. But the lightweight has little bearing on the build quality. Being one of the top brands in the garden equipment niche, Worx didn’t miss a beat with the build quality of this edger: it is simply top-notch. Even the plastic components are heavy-duty affairs to ensure the product has an impressive lifespan with no unnecessary mechanical issues to fix down the line.

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#3. Black+Decker LE760FF Electric Landscape Edger

If one of the most recognized power tools brands in the world with several kitchen and lawn equipment that are household names pushes an edger into the market, we expect nothing short of an outstanding product. Black+Decker lived up to its brand with the LE760FF Edger that comes with everything you need and a bit more extra from a stick lawn edger.

The LE760FF effortlessly delivers both power and efficiency with the 12 amp motor. The motor generates more than enough torque and a massive 4700 RPM to make lawn trimming a stress-free task. The smart move is to purchase an extension cord so all edges can get the benefit of this machine if you have a super large property. This isn’t just an edger, for your money you are also getting an edging machine that easily converts to a trencher in seconds.

Other notable features include a super-efficient 7.5″ blade with 3 blade depths for versatility and maximum control; a pull-up guide that helps you to complete your chores with total confidence; a guard door for convenient access to the internal comments for easy cleaning; and a right and left hand assist grip for more handling capabilities.

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#4. Greenworks 27032 Electric Edger

If the health of the planet is a primary concern for you, how about the eco-friendly 27032 electric edger by Greenworks. The company pitches this lawn edger and all other products in their inventory as leaving behind zero carbon footprint while in action. Equally impressive is the fact that you get a 4 year warranty on purchase. At the least, this is a clear statement that they stand by and completely trust the quality of their product. For context, this warranty is twice more than what most manufacturers are offering.

The edger is not just about carbon footprints and warranties though. It comes with a 12 amp motor that delivers enough power to the 7.5″ double-edged blade. The end result is a robust lawn edging capability that is very impressive for a machine of this size.

It comes with an extension cord featuring a unique cord lock to prevent accidental unplugging during operations; a front wheel with a built-in spring to help provide variable blade depth; and an adjustable auxiliary handle for added control and user comfort.

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#5. Echo PE-225 Shaft Edge Trimmer

Echo’s stick edger props up this review of the best stick edgers for lawns on the market. The 22.2 cc, 2-stroke engine gasoline lawn edger is the closest you can get to a professional stick edger for home use. The premium quality of the edger is reflected in the price tag. For your investment though, you get an edger that is capable of generating the most torque of all the products in this review. You also get an edger that boasts an impressive cutting depth of 4″ which is more than adequate for digging troughs on the ground.

Though gasoline-powered trimmers tend to lean towards starting difficulty compared to electric versions, this was mitigated to a large extent with the unique Echo i-30 pull-start. This piece of technology ensures you don’t have to use too much force to generate the required start-off power. As well as the easy starting mechanism, this product comes with well-designed pivots making maneuverability a very pleasurable experience when using it.

Other features include a tank capacity of 14.9 oz; 8″ rubber tires for easy movement on all surfaces while delivering great vibrations/impact absorption ratios than other tires; and a durability that is comparable to the very best products.

All the edgers reviewed above represent the best options for lawn trimming. If for some reason none of the models isn’t exactly what you need, the guide below is a comprehensive take on what to look for when shopping for a stick edger for your lawn. You’d definitely end up with a product that meets all your expectation if you follow the guide.

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Key Considerations In Choosing The Best Stick Edger for Lawn

Power source: How edgers are powered is a key factor in their classification. Basically, there are two main types when it comes to power sources: these are gas and electric powered stick edgers.

The type that would be best for you would depend on your needs.

Gas-powered stick edger – The edgers in this category are the most common types of stick edgers favored by both professionals and homeowners. They are marketed in 2 or 4 cycle engines with the dual-core variant the most common.

They are better suited for large yards or lawns because there are no restrictions to movement compared to electric versions; or when compared to battery-powered stick edgers, you don’t have to bother with the stress of replacing batteries or having to charge them.

Though the edgers in this group are very powerful, they come with a few downsides. For instance, the 2-cycle engine technology demands the right minute of gasoline and oil to work optimally. Many folks would rather not waste time figuring out the right gas to oil ratio all the time.

Also, compared to electric models, they are not so easy to start. But the more modern versions feature push-to-start buttons making it convenient for owners to start or and stop the engine.

On balance, it would be financially smart to get a gas-powered unit for commercial purposes. But the overhead costs linked to constant gasoline and oil use make them more expensive to own in the long run.

Electric powered stick edgers – These types of edgers are powered by an electric motor integrated into the design. There are two variants here: the corded version that needs to be plugged into a power outlet and the battery operated stick edger also known as cordless stick edger.

These are ideal especially for homeowners with lawns or yards that are not too big. They can’t generate the power and torque levels found in gas-powered stick edgers but are more convenient to use since they are lighter and very versatile even if there is a limitation to the area that can be covered by corded stick edger models. This is one reason many users prefer battery operated models.

It’s not all gloom and doom for the corded edgers though. For instance, they can be used non-stop as long as the unit is plugged in. And the issue of reach or distance covered could be solved easily with a suitable power extension cord.

A typical battery-powered unit comes with a 12, 18, or 40 volts rated battery pack. Fixed to a compartment on the unit, the battery size plays a huge role in the amount of time the unit can be operated continuously. This makes it smart to get an extra battery when purchasing one if you are going to spend hours at a time working with the edger.

Another battery-related consideration is to ensure that replacing the battery isn’t a difficult process.

Weight: The weight of the lawn trimmer is a vital factor since this is a handheld garden tool. That means lugging it around, and depending on the size, that might be for several minutes at a time.

The primary issue here is you don’t want a unit that is rather heavy if you have a big property or lawn to edge or if you are physically limited in some ways. To put it in a general context, the heavier the stick edger, the harder it would be to use it non-stop for prolong periods. And a lightweight stick also scores higher on the maneuverability scale while expending less energy.

Taking away the power source, most stick edgers weigh about the same. So picking the right weight might just come down to the power source. The corded models are lighter while the weight of the battery operated cordless stick edgers would depend on the size of the battery pack. And for the gasoline types, it is mostly about the size of the gasoline tank and the quantity of fuel in it.

Cutting depth: Though the underlying principle of all edgers is to deliver a streamlined finish to the lawn, the end result depends on the type of lawn and how deep or low the equipment cuts.

If you live in the suburbs, for instance, the 3 or 4 inches of cutting depth might be an overkill. But it is better to err on the side of more than enough cutting depth because you just might need it someday. The important thing is to get a machine with a cutting depth that can be easily adjusted to the needed levels.

The operative phrase in the last sentence is ‘easily adjusted’. This is simply about the edger’s settings. The best stick edgers come with settings that make it possible to change the lawn edger cutting depth conveniently. This makes them easily adaptable for other garden tasks.

Cutting power: The cutting power is easily one of the most important features to consider when buying a new stick edger. With more power, you can do more work in less time.

However, due to a lack of standardization, there isn’t a single way of measuring the cutting power of lawn edgers. You can easily be confused by the figures manufacturers attach to their products to make them look awesome.

That said, you can gauge the relative power of an electric edger (whether corded or cordless) by the amps rating: in a nutshell, higher amps equals more power.

For gas powered edgers, you’d expect that the horsepower would be the standard metric for determining power since they use combustion engines. Unfortunately, the unreliable ‘engine size’ is used to measure the power.

However, the bottom line is, an edger powered by gasoline generates more power than a similarly-sized electric powered lawn trimmer.

Another vital power metric is the RPM rating of the edger. This is linked more to the type of grass being cut. For instance, grass growing on ground hardened by dried clay is a different affair compared to those growing on soft soil.

In general, stick edgers with higher RPM would be able to cut through shoots or grass better than a trimmer with a lower RPM on a clay-hardened ground. But this is assuming enough torque is generated by both machines.

Ease of use: It is a safe bet to say nobody wants a tool that is very complicated to operate. You wouldn’t want to waste precious time and energy learning to operate your edger. That is time that could be better spend doing other important stuff or even resting.

Whether you want to buy the edger for professional use or simply to use at home, the ease of use would determine how quickly you can get the machine to start working and ultimately, how much can be done in a specific time frame.

Even if you have to spend a little more money on an edger that meets this variable, it would be worth it in the long run. For instance, if you are getting a gas-powered stick edger, you might want to make sure the pull-start mechanism requires just one try without applying considerable force to get it running.

Stick edger blade type: The ideal type of blade in the edger would depend on the nature of the work to be done. There are basically three types:

  • Flat rectangular blades – These are the most common and are perfect for lawns that blend with the sidewalk or driveway at the same height.
  • Scoop-end blades – These blades are better suited for jobs that require extreme care such as edge trimming in flower beds.
  • Star blades – If the lawn or yard ends at a wall, star blades are your best bet.

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How To Maintain Your Stick Edger

  1. Clean regularly – Make it a part of your routine to clean the blades especially after using them. This helps to prolong the blades’ lifespan.
  2. Replace blade – Sooner or later, depending on the type of blade and how often you use the edger, the blade would become worn out. To protect the engine or motor, always replace a worn-out blade. This also ensures you don’t spend an unnecessarily long time on any job.
  3. Always check the air filter especially if you are a heavy user. Don’t hesitate to change a bad filter. This helps to keep the edger in top shape.
  4. Check engine oil – One of the most important checks you have to carry out before using the machine is the engine oil level. Make sure it is not below the threshold level. And when you want to replace or top it up, use a recommended grade of high quality.

Stick Edger Pro Tips: Getting the best out of your stick lawn edger

Make sure to protect your eyes and legs while working with the edger. For the legs, long pants and knee-length working boots would be awesome. While a pair of goggles is just what is needed to protect the eyes.

While trimming the lawn’s edges, don’t move too far away from the concrete or you run the risk of cutting the lawn too low. Stay as close as posing to the sidewalk.

The best way to achieve symmetry when edging your lawn is to trim the edges to the same level as the lawn.

Lawn edging shouldn’t be a once-in-a-while routine. Endeavor to do it regularly to make your lawn look great all the time. Besides, doing it regularly would decrease your workload each session.

Stick Edgers Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Other Types of Lawn Edgers?

Lawn edgers come in different styles and sizes. The most common ones, apart from stick edgers, include:

String edgers – These are similar to stick or pole edgers with some significant differences. For instance, the ‘blade’ on a string edger is actually a string-like cutter that needs to be replaced more regularly.

The major upside of these types of edgers is that they offer more functionality and are very versatile. They easily double as lawn trimmers effectively.

That said, controlling them might be hard for a newbie and flying debris is also poses a huge problem while using one.

Walk-behind edgers – As the name implies, users need to push it from behind. Similar to lawnmowers, they feature 4 wheels. The high-end models come feature laser guides to help keep the trimmer on the correct path while edging the lawn.

What is the best Trimmer For Uneven Landscape?

A string edger is the best option when it comes to trimming uneven landscapes since they are better suited for curves and uneven surfaces. For novices, the next best option is the stick edger as they deliver similar functionality without the downside of being hard to control.

Which Stick Edger Should I Buy For My Lawn: Electric or Gas?

This is a personal choice that depends mostly on factors such as the type of work you want to do with it and the type and size of your lawn. While the corded or cordless electric edgers are more convenient, they are not as powerful as the gas-powered variants. Generally, if you have a large lawn, a gasoline stick edger might be best for you.


You don’t have to create a big hole in your wallet getting a professional landscaper to make your lawn look like a million bucks complete with perfect trimmings along the edges. With the best stick edger handy and time on your hands especially on weekends, you could have fun creating the lawn of your dreams.

First, though, you must purchase a stick edger that is suitable for your needs. There are several types and models to chose from and the final choice could depend on factors such as how big the lawn is, how often you intend to use it, and several design features outlined in this guide. It’s a safe bet that at least one of the products reviewed here has everything you desire in a stick edger.

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