23 Best Rope for Tree Swing [Knot, Polypropylene, Polyester, Fiber, Nylon…]

If you have a tree in your backyard, installing a swing is one of the best ways to put it to good use. Think of all the healthy, zero-screen time, outdoor fun the kids would have with one. One of the most important things you’d need to set up the swing is a good rope. To help you choose the best rope for tree swing, we researched dozens of ropes for backyard swing and reviewed the top 23

Our list includes all types of ropes including swings kits that come with installation hardware and awesome products that are, basically, complete swing sets.

Also, do take a look at the buyer’s guide and safety measures sections. They contain useful buying tips and a comprehensive safety guide to ensure your installed swing is safe for kids and even adults.

Top 23 Best Rope for Tree Swing: Product Review

#1. SGT Knots ProManila Twisted Synthetic Rope

Kicking off this review of the best rope for tree swings is the SGT Knots Twisted ProManila swing rope made from high quality 3 strand polypropylene material. Featuring an anti-kinks design for exceptional shock absorption, it comes with excellent knot retention capacity and is highly resistant to all weather conditions keeping it in pristine condition for long.

The lightweight rope is sold in several sizes and lengths from a pre-cut length of 10 feet up to 600 feet. This gives it wide-ranging versatility in terms of home and outdoor applications. The thickness option starts at a quarter of an inch right up to 2 inches.

While this rope swing offers the best in terms of versatility and options combined with high tensile strength, it is still likely to degrade after prolonged exposure to sunlight. Also, keep in mind that synthetic polypropylene rope for tree swing is not as strong as polyester or nylon ropes.

#2. Veithi Manila Rope

Up next is the eco-friendly, multipurpose Veithi Manila Rope made from natural, high-quality hemp jute material. At 50 feet, it’s long enough to make a great swing with left-overs for many DIY home projects such as landscaping, crafts, hammock, hanging flower pots or baskets, and much more.

The jute rope construction features 4 twisted strands for improved rope strength with a very impressive high breaking point. As a swing rope, it can take whatever weight including adults without any danger of breaking.

The weather-resistant rope’s eco-friendly credibility is underlined by the absence of grease, black, spots, or hard burns during the treatment process. However, the rope easily gets loose and unbraided at the tips after cutting to resize it if it’s not wrapped with tape first. And many reports indicate that it gets stretchy when adults use the swing.

#3. Yuzenet Braided Polyester Rope

The best swing ropes for a backyard garden don’t usually come any better than a polyester rope like the Yuzenet Braided Polyester rope for tree swing and other applications. It is made from premium quality polyester material ensuring it doesn’t lose its qualities over time.

Made with cutting-edge technology with sturdy nylon at its core for durability, it comes with the right flexibility to tie into the desired knots easily. The 50 feet long rope comes with over 4000 lbs tensile strength and at ⅜ inch thick, it can withstand kids and adults weights any load without snapping.

Like all the best polyester ropes for tree swings, it is resistant to moisture, UV rays, and other environmental factors to ensure longevity. The biggest complaint, though, is stiffness that sometimes makes it difficult to wrap around tree branches.

#4. FMS Ravenox Natural Cotton Rope

The makers of FMS Ravenox Natural Cotton Rope give you plenty of options when it comes to the length, width, and color(s) you want. The eco-friendly, dye-free, and non-toxic ropes should be your choice if you are looking to add a festive atmosphere to your garden swing with so many bright colors to choose from.

The triple twist rope is very strong with a high tensile strength to ensure it won’t snap no matter the weight on the string. It is soft to hold; chaffing is simply out of the question. And due to its non-toxic nature, its applications extend to dog lease and kids crafts.

Unlike many synthetic products, this rope is less susceptible to UV damage. But keep in mind that like all ropes made from natural fibers, it is best for short-term use only. You want to replace the rope after about a couple of years because they are likely to rot over time.

#5. Inno Stage Double Tree Swing Rope

The Inno State polyester rope for tree swing delivers a fast and easy means of setting up a tree swing with a carabiner attached at the end of each rope; you don’t have to drill holes to get the swing up and ready. The rope is made from military-grade material for long-term durability.

Perfect for all types of indoor and outdoor activities including camping, hiking, swings, and hammocks, the 13 feet (x2) rope is ultra-light and easy to create knots with. Safety on the swing is guaranteed for kids and adults weighing less than 240 lbs.

However, while this is a great replacement polyester swing rope, the lack of different rope lengths and thickness puts a limit on its versatility.  There are also reports of the rope snapping when used by kids and adults that weigh less than the maximum load capacity.

#6. Wildjue Tree Swing Strap Kit

Wildjue’s swing strap kit is an 8 feet long, black rope for tree swing featuring lock snap carabiner hooks that allow you to quickly set up your tree swing. The straps are designed with heavy-duty metal screw locks and rings that promote stability and traction.

To ensure safety, each strap is designed with extra strong stitching on the metal ring fabric loops for a sturdy and reliable attachment. The strength of the straps is underlined by the 2000 lbs maximum load capacity. And because the straps are adjustable, they can be wrapped easily around tree branches of different sizes.

There are discernible issues with this rope. While the ring and carabiner attached to both ends of each strap make a swing set up a breeze, they limit the strap’s applications. But as a swing rope though, you have an almost perfect product with its car safety belt strength.

#7. StrapMate Tree Swing Straps Kit

Next up is this commercial-grade quality double straps by StrapMate you could easily deploy as a rope for a tree swing. These are heavy-duty and waterproof straps that can easily withstand extreme weather conditions to ensure the durability of the rope.

With a load capacity of just under 3000 lbs, the ropes guarantee there would be unexpected snaps no matter the weight on the swing as long as the tree branch is strong. Each strap is 10 feet long and features a strong carabiner – hooking up the seats of your swing can’t be any easier.

Designed to cause as little damage as possible to the tree, installing a swing is just a matter of looping the straps over a branch and attaching your swing seat at the other end. To get the best from it though, you’d have to ensure the tree branch or anchor is level.

#8. Royal Oak Tree Swing Strap

With an integrated heavy-duty carabiner and spinner attached to the ends of each strap, the Royal Oak tree swing strap is an impressive, all-round rope for tree swings and even hammocks. Each high-quality nylon material can hold over 2000 lbs (over 4000 lbs total) of weight and can withstand harsh weather conditions to ensure longevity.

Perfect for all types of swings and hammocks, the straps are easily adjustable to fit the height of the chosen tree branch. The 2″ thick nylon straps are delicate on tree branches to prevent damage making it an eco-friendly rope for a tree swing.

These straps are designed to be weather resistant, and the nylon material makes them stronger than polyester. There are almost no downsides to this strap except the fact that adjusting the length might be a little hard.

#9. Mophorn Double Braided Rope

If you are looking for the ultimate in reliable ropes for tree swing, the Mophorn double braided rope should feature at the top of your list. At just under 8500 lbs tensile strength, it would take a mountain size load to get it to snap. And at over 200 feet long, there is more than enough for a swing or two no matter the height of the tree branch.

Made from high-quality polyester with a nylon core for added strength and extended durability, the orange and black rope is perfect for wide-ranging applications such as interior decor, marine uses, hanging hammocks, underground pulling line, climbing, etc. It features a ‘Hot melt cutting technology’ that prevents the rope from spreading which is essential for heavy-duty applications.

This 7/16 thick, weather-resistant rope ticks all the boxes for a long-term tree swing. But, it is quite expensive compared to other ropes. Even the 150 feet long version has a comparatively high price tag. But considering the quality, it’s good value for money.

#10. Bennici Tree Swing Strap Hanging Kit

The startling yellow color, spinlock carabiners, and swing set anchors are the first things you’d notice about this tree swing strap by Bennici. Beneath the exciting yellow color that adds a merry feel to the swing, lies a tough product capable of holding up 2000 lbs making a great product for family tree swings.

Each polyester strap of the set of two is 10 feet long and comes with a nylon core for improved toughness and durability. The sturdiness also extends to the steel carabiners, while the zinc alloy anchors rust resistance so that exposure to all types of weather doesn’t compromise the structural integrity of the metal.

This is quite an affordable, high-quality, easy-to-use rope for making tree swings. But you have to keep in mind that it can’t be used for heavy lifting and its applications are rather limited.

#11. Koch 5011635 Polypropylene Rope

With a low-stretch index, excellent knot retention, and a load limit of 420 lbs, the Koch polypropylene rope for tree swing is a great choice for kids’ swings. Sold in a variety of colors, it is strong and sturdy enough for other applications such as camping and marine uses.

At 50 feet long, there would be plenty of rope left over for other uses. You could even keep the remaining in storage for future use as a replacement rope swing. But you won’t be doing that for a while due to the durability of the twisted rope.

The major downside is the texture of the rope. It is relatively rough for tender palms. Making fancy knots might also prove challenging.

#12.  A Aifamy Tree Swing Rope

A Aifamy’s set of 2 swing rope kit is another fabulous rope for tree swings that doesn’t require to use of extra to set up the swing. The rope is made from strong and durable nylon material and comes with a load capacity of 650 lbs. That means even adults can join in the fun if the tree branch is reliable.

Perfect for all types of swings including tire swings, saucer swings, hammocks, toddler swings, etc., the ropes are over 3 feet long with a decent thickness of about 1 inch. Installing a swing is easy: simply flip the straps over the tree branch and then clip on the spinlock hooks.

One issue with this almost perfect rope is the length. At just over 3 feet, your anchor branch needs to be low to the ground for the swing to be practical for kids.

#13. Goldberg Twisted PolyDac Combo Rope

The Goldberg twisted rope is made from three twisted strands of  100 percent dacron polyester with a polyolefin core for added strength. This essentially means a lightweight, strong, and durable rope perfect for making swings that would around be for many years.

Sold in many sizes and lengths giving you lots of options, the predominantly white rope is resistant to weather conditions, chemicals, and abrasions. And best of all for kids, it is soft to grasp with a great grip.

That said, the white color might pose a bit of an aesthetic problem in the short run though. It’d look dirty with grime after a while. But being polyester, cleaning it should be easy.

#14. Sim-Tools Tree Swing Straps Kit

Up next is another awesome strap that makes setting up a swing a cinch. Made by Sim-Tools, the pack of two straps is made from high-quality nylon material with the strength of standard seat belts. That means, it is unlikely to snap while in use as a swing, hammock, or other indoor or outdoor applications.

It comes complete with 2 small and 2 large D rings attached to the ends of each adjustable strap respectively to make swing installation very easy. Also included in the kit are two heavy-duty carabiners with a maximum weight limit of 1000 lbs for a total capacity of 2000 lbs. And with the included pouch, you have a safe storage place for the straps when not in use.

This strap is everything you could wish for in a rope to quickly install a swing in your yard. However, the makers missed a trick not making the D rings rust-free.

#15. ArtiGifts Tree Swing Ropes

ArtiGifts swing ropes offer an easy path for swing installation if you are looking for a low cost rope for swings. Capable of supporting up to 600 lbs. each for a total of 1200 lbs, the military-grade ropes are made from anti-corrosive nylon material for durability and long-term use.

For easy and convenient swing setup, each 6 feet rope comes with O rings attached to the ends and stainless steel snap carabiners. Also, you can easily adjust the length using the AG adjustable system. This makes it perfect for multiple indoor and outdoor applications. Just as it is easy to install, uninstallation is a breeze and with the included storage bag, you have a safe spot to keep the ropes and for easy portability.

Keep in mind though the ropes might start fraying after a few months of constant use. So you might want to inspect the ropes frequently, especially where they make contact with the anchor.

#16. Laegendary Climbing Rope Tree Swing Set

This is an awesome option that can either be set up as a tree swing or a climbing rope for kids. Better yet, kids can have the best of both worlds with its dual-purpose use. 6.6 feet long but adjustable to 4.3 feet, the swing set is basically a round-shaped 12” disc attached to a multicolored polyethylene swing rope. Along the rope’s length are small circular platforms to aid gripping when climbing the rope.

Soft to touch, the rope is kind to kids’ hands so they can spend hours on it without chaffing the palms. Both robe and disc combined can hold up to 120 lbs maximum load and with the included carabiner and tree strap, you’d need just a few minutes to get the swing hanging from a tree and ready to go.

The product though has a notable design flaw. While the rope, platforms, and metal parts are weather-resistant, water can get into the disc when it rains. Unfortunately, there is no easy way of getting the water out.

#17. ILooyz Tree Swing Hanging Kit

With the ILooyz tree swing hanging kit, it’s easy to turn your yard or garden into a place for kids to have lots of fun. You could also be a part of the fun as the sturdy straps can comfortably support a maximum weight of 6000 lbs. For your investment, you’d get a couple of nylon straps designed to withstand the harshest weather conditions. That means, once installed, the fun is going to be for a long time.

Both straps are about 20 feet long making them perfect for high branches. But you could also adjust the straps to accommodate lower tree branches. With the D rings and carabiner attached to the straps, no drilling or extra tools are needed to install the tree swing. The kit also comes with a carry pouch for storage and a couple of tree protective pads to prevent damage to the tree.

However, there are reports of the straps snapping at unexpected places even with weights as low as 200 lbs!

#18. Bang4Buck Polypropylene Braided Docking Rope

Bang4Buck’s docking rope is another versatile and excellent rope for tree Swing that can also be used on multiple indoor and outdoor applications. The ½ inch thick rope is 100 feet long giving you more than enough material for even the highest branches in the yard.

This is a heavy-duty robe with an impressive tensile strength of a little under 6000 lbs: adults too can join in the swinging fun safely. It features a stainless steel thimble fastener for easy attachment around tree branches.

By all accounts, it is an awesome polypropylene rope for tree swing. The triple twisted strands makes it a hard rope to snap with a soft texture that won’t bruise kids’ tender hands no matter how long and intense the play is. But, the ends would need heat sealing after cutting the rope to prevent it from unraveling.

#19. Carolina Custom Swings Walnut Tree Swing

If you want a complete swing set to hang right out of the box without any assembly, look no further than this tree swing set that includes a swing seat made from rustic American black walnut. The handcrafted swing set includes a 20 feet polypropylene robe on each side of the seat with a combined breaking strength of over 7500 lbs.

You’d love the love design of the swing’s seat featuring sanded and rounded off edges to eliminate splinters and sharp edges. Also included is the hanging hardware so you don’t need extra tools to set it up. And to enhance that rustic and natural appearance, the swing set was carefully hand rubbed in oil.

This swing set, though, doesn’t come cheap; at least compared to other products in this review. But the piece is so relentlessly beautiful it would be money well spent.

#20. Summersdream Disk Tree Swing Rope

Next up is another inexpensive swing rope and swing seat combo that allows you to quickly create a classic swing for kids from the branch of a tree. The red swing seat and colorful rope are specifically designed to catch the eyes of kids.

Attractive design aside, the 7 feet, adjustable nylon rope is made to withstand the weight of kids and all weather conditions. In essence, the rope is unlikely to break while in use or become weak after prolonged exposure to the environment. And because the seat is made from non-toxic toxic plastic, the safety of kids is guaranteed.

However, at a maximum length of 7 feet, some might find the rope rather short while the seat disk can be slippery too; kids need to hold on tight to the rope while playing on the swing.

#21. Faspup Hemp Robe Wood Swing Seat

Designed especially for children, this swing seat and swing rope combo offers a straight route from unboxing to a complete swing setup without additional tools. For a specialist kid swing, the weight capacity of 220 lbs is more than adequate even for some adults. Also, to emphasize its utility, you have the choice of choosing from three different seat sizes.

The simple wood seat is outstanding not just in simplicity but in the curve design for comfortable sitting for both kids and adults. And the special anti-corrosion coating on the wood finishing ensures durability.

The tree swing set comes with two sturdy carabiners already attached to the hemp rope for easy installation. And talking about the hemp robe, it is comfortable to hold and at about 0.4 inches thick, easily aids contact with the hands. However, at just under 6 feet long, it might be too short for very high branches.

#22. Nighthawk Tree Swing Strap Rope

The Nighthawk is a 20 feet long, no-fuss, simple installation strap for tree swings made from high-quality industrial-grade materials. Perfect for tree swings of any height, it can hold up to 5000 lbs with ease so kids and most adults can have as much fun as they wish in complete safety.

Each strap is designed with loops at the end making it convenient and easy to secure over the anchor branch. And with a carabiner attached to each strap, hooking up the swing seat wouldn’t pose any problem. The no-fuss installation combined with the rope’s length allows for wide-ranging applications anywhere.

Unfortunately, while this strap has a lot going for it, it is a bummer that a 20 feet long rope isn’t adjustable. You’d have to wrap it several times over the anchor branch to get the desired ground clearance for low branches.

#23. Yoga4You Aerial Yoga Swing Rope

The aerial yoga swing rope presents a unique way to easily install a swing in your backyard. This is a versatile product that can also be used to hang or set up a multi-level yoga hammock. After the kids are done playing with their swing, you can take down the swing and in a few steps set up your hammock for a relaxing rest.

Made of high-quality materials, each strap in the kit can hold up to 500 lbs for a maximum load strength of 1000 lbs. It features 10 extender loops so you can easily hang it at various heights. And with the matching and beautifully designed pouch, you can take it anywhere. Essentially, the fun doesn’t have to be limited to just your home.

The product comes with an impressive 5-year warranty, a clear indication the Yoga4You have absolute faith in the quality of their product. However, at just 50″ long, the rope is rather short. This puts a limit to its applications when it comes to anchors high above ground level.

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Buying Guide: Best Rope For Tree Swing

Getting the best rope for outdoor swing that matches your needs is a little more involved than simply having a list of the best options. Several factors have to be taken into consideration. We’ve outlined the most important ones below.

Type of rope/Material

There are different types of ropes for tree swings. They are typically classified based on the material used in making them. The most common ones include:

Polypropylene – Polypropylene rope for tree swing is famous for being lightweight and resistant to most chemicals, water, and oils.

It’s a great choice if you live in a very wet region because it doesn’t absorb water. But its comparatively low melting point makes it a poor choice for hot and sunny regions.

Also,  while it is economical, it has a low stretch resistance and wouldn’t return to its original length after being stretched.

Polyester – Polyester rope is considered the best synthetic rope for tree swings. Its qualities include most of the qualities of polypropylene plus better resistance to UV rays and abrasion. Unlike polypropylene and nylon, it is resistant to stretch.

Nylon – Nylon ropes for tree swings are considered the safest because of their tensile strength. They are stronger than other synthetic robes and come with decent resistance to UV rays, wear, and rot.

Their flexibility makes knot tying relatively easy but at high temperatures, degradation is a possibility.

Fiber – Fiber ropes are made from materials such as hemp, manila, cotton, etc.

They are not as strong or durable as synthetic ropes. Most folks who opt for this option usually have an aversion to synthetic products and love the rustic appearance.

They are highly susceptible to rot compared to synthetic ropes and would need replacement more frequently.

Chain – While chain ropes for tree swings are stronger than all other ropes, they are significantly more harmful to tress (when wrapped directly over the branches) and are known to pinch small fingers.

If you have to use this type of rope to install a tree swing, eye bolts are highly recommended to prevent damage to the tree branch. Also, you might want to consider foam grips on the wire to protect kids’ fingers.

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Rope tensile strength

This is usually indicated as the maximum load the rope can take before it breaks.

You want a rope that won’t suddenly snap when kids are playing with the swing. Fortunately, all the best swing ropes, whether synthetic or natural fiber, can handle kids’ weight without breaking.

However, to be on the safe side, it’s best to pick a rope that can hold up under the weight of adults. If you intend to use the rope for other purposes, the best option is a rope or strap with a breaking strength of at least 4000 lbs.

Given a choice, and to be on the safe side, always pick heavy-duty tree swing ropes.

Rope compatibility and installation

Sometimes, the rope you’d choose might come down to the type of swing you want to install. For instance, to get the best from your swing, you want to use a lightweight rope if the swing is lightweight. Conversely, bigger and stronger ropes work best with heavy-weight swings.

How you install the swing is also a critical factor in swing rope selection. For open-ended free ropes, choose products that are flexible and easy to handle so you can tie knots without fuss.

But if tying knots are not your thing, opt for tree swing kits that come with hardwares such as carabiners, O- or D-rings, and even loops. These would significantly cut down the work required to install the swing.

And talking about carabiners and other metal hardwares, make sure they are made from the best materials like heavy-duty, weather-resistant, anti-corrosion stainless steel.

Thickness of rope

In terms of thickness, the rule of thumb is to get a rope kids can grasp easily. Essentially, this implies the shouldn’t be so thin that it requires too much effort to make sure it doesn’t slip out.

That said, the best rope size for tree swing is about half an inch thick or more. Generally, thicker (up to a point) is always better because thicker ropes tend to be stronger.

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Best Rope For Tree Swing: Safety Measures

Safety concerns when it comes to tree swings cannot be taken for granted. Below are some very critical safety tips to keep in mind.

1. Anchor branch strength

Checking the tree branch you want to use as an anchor for your swing is a non-negotiable priority.

The question to ask is whether the branch can support the weight of the child. It’s best if the chosen branch can even support the weight of an adult.

The tree branch must be thick with no indication of cracks or weaknesses anywhere especially at the junction with the main tree trunk.  Also, avoid tree limbs that show signs of weaknesses, are splitting, or look narrow where they meet the trunk.

2. Clearance

Make sure to pick a stable, long branch that can accommodate a swing at least 3 feet from the main tree trunk to prevent collision between trunk and swing. The branch should also be about 20 feet from the ground.

3. Check the location

The location of the swing should be free of harmful objects. Assume they would fall while playing so clear the area of objects like rocks and other sharp objects that could lead to injury when they fall on them.

Other safety tips include;

  • Inspect the ropes every other month. Replace them when they show signs of wear and tear.
  • Schedule rope replacement for every two years
  • To prevent unraveling, make sure knots are secure. You might want to inspect the knots periodically.
  • If there are moving metal parts, regularly oil them
  • Ensure there is adequate clearance between the ground and swing seat. The feet of the kid or kids should not touch the ground when sitting on the swing.

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FAQ: Best Rope For Tree Swing

Q: Is Nylon Rope Good for Tree Swing?

Absolutely. It is one of the best and arguably the strongest rope you can use for a tree swing. But to get the best from it, you’d have to choose one that is at least half an inch thick to prevent snapping.

Q: Is Rope or Chain Better for a Tree Swing?

When it comes to tree swings, rope ticks many more vital boxes compared to a chain.

While chain is generally stronger, rope is more versatile due to its flexibility making it a better option in terms of tying the right Knots. Also, chains are more harmful to trees and are known to pinch small fingers.

Q: How do You Tie a Rope to a Tree Swing?

Tying a rope to a tree swing is usually not a complicated process. The primary considerations are kids’ safety and protection of the tree.

You can use loops, Knots, or the included installation hardware like carabiners and D- or O-rings attached to the rope.

When tying the rope around the tree branch use a running bowline or any slip knot so that the pressure exerted by the rope on the tree branch lessens when the swing is not in use. This allows the tree to develop.

You could also use a rope sleeve or rubber tubing to protect the tree’s bark and reduce friction between the rope and tree branch.

Q: What is the Best Type of Rope for a Tree Swing?

Polyester rope is considered the all-round best rope for tree swing. It has better resistance to UV rays than other synthetic robes and unlike natural fiber ropes, it is not prone to rot.

Q: What Kind of Rope Should I Use for Tree Swing?

This depends on several factors. For instance, if you are strongly against the use of synthetic materials, you might want to consider natural rope made from cotton, jute, manila, or hemp. But these are not long-lasting like synthetic ropes.

On the other hand, you could use synthetic ropes. In terms of strength, nylon ropes are the best but you might want to consider polyester if you live in a hot region as they can withstand heat better.

But if you want to install a lightweight swing, polypropylene rope is your best bet especially if your region experiences lots of rainfall.

Q: Are Rope Swings Bad for Tress?

Depending on how they are used, rope swings can be bad for trees. For instance, tying the rope directly on the tree branch can damage the bark and expose the tree the pests and diseases.

But this can be mitigated if certain protective measures are taken. One solution is to put a thick rubber tubing between rope and tree. This prevents the rope from coming into direct contact with the tree.

That is our exhaustive guide on choosing the best rope for tree swing. Hopefully, you were able to narrow down the list to the one that fit your need the most.