Best Outdoor Plant Stands [Durable & Aesthetically Pleasing]

Plant parents can all agree on one thing, we love showing off our baby. Whether indoor or outdoor, the goal remains the same. In this article, I reviewed the best outdoor plant stands, that would not only support your flourishing beautiful plant but also add an enviable aesthetic to your space. Beyond decorative purposes, some of the other factors that might prompt you into getting an outdoor plant stand are to save space, protect your plants from pests, and the possibility of moving your plant from one corner to the other: mobility.

I also considered factors such as design, size, weight, durability, and cost, in selecting the top 10 best outdoor plant stands that I reviewed in the subsequent paragraphs.

Top 10 Best Outdoor Plant Stands [2022 Pick]

#1. CFMOUR 10 Tire Tall Large Wood Plant Shelf

Kicking off this review of the best outdoor plant stands on the market is this awesome stand that is perfect if you have multiple plants that thrive well outdoors. The almost 45” tall plant stand comes with ten (10) tiles, providing support for a minimum of 10 standard-sized plant pots. There is also an eight tile configuration if you don’t see the need for the extra two tiles.

With an estimated weight capacity of 150lb, it is strong and sturdy enough with high-quality ABS plastic joints to provide the appropriate support needed by your plants. Plus, the smart use of the ‘Triangle stability’ principle makes the wooden plant holder more stable. 

Since outdoor plant stands are meant to be outdoors, it is important that the material from which they were made can stand the test of time. The plant stand is made of wood and  processed via carbonization. This allows the material to retain its texture over time. Carbonization also makes painting unnecessary ensuring the stand can withstand long-term exposure to sunlight without losing its sheen.

Assembling the plant stand is not difficult even if your DIY skills are basic. However, the assembly graphics could be better with some instructions and not just diagrams only. The shiny ABS plastic joints could be seen as another downside aesthetically. They give off vibes of a rather cheap and flimsy plant stand.

#2. New England Stories 44″ Tall Wooden Plant Stand 

Up next is the Amazon bestselling 14 potted plant stand made from renewable and degradable eucalyptus wood with a 3-joint connector design for easy installation and ultimate stability. At almost 45″ tall and with enough space for 14 potted plants, the plant stand is taller and wider than most outdoor plant stands on the market currently. 

Also perfect for indoor use to underline its versatility, the multilayer plant stand is easy to assemble using the illustrated instructions, You also get a little hammer to help knock the parts together during installation, a pair of gloves to protect the hands, and 3 mini garden tools so you don’t have to purchase extra tools for installation. And with the lifetime warranty, you are assured of a quality plant stand that isn’t likely to disappoint in terms of structural failures. 

However,  while the product ticks all boxes in terms of what is needed in a  good plant stand, the installation instructions are not that detailed making installation a bit hit and miss especially if you are not used to assembling these types of structures. And you’d need to put on the gloves or your hands might get stained by the color on the wood.

#3. Bamworld Outdoor 3 Tiers 7 Potted Ladder Plant Stand 

If you are looking for a premium quality, high-end outdoor plant stand that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, this Bamworld’s 3-tier plant stand that can hold up to 7 potted plants is a great choice. It features 3 separate stands arranged like a wooden ladder to give it a unique appearance befitting an outdoor artwork piece. Each stand can hold three, two, and two potted plants respectively giving a total of 7 shelves for your plants. 

The 12 inches wide stand is sturdy and durable. Like most high-quality, multilayer plant stands, it makes use of the ‘triangle stability’ principle for a very stable structure. The plastic joints make for easy installation and stability. You’ll also love how the color of the joints blends perfectly with the overall color scheme. 

The durability of the plant rack is optimized by the combination of natural wood and super-high temperature carbonization of the wood. With such eco-friendly treatment, painting the wood is unnecessary giving the rack a more natural, long-lasting appearance. 

For many users though, setting it up or assembling can be very tedious. While the instructions are helpful, you might find it takes a lot more than the stated 15 minutes to get the stand ready.

#4. Gear-Life 6 Tier Bamboo Plant Stand 

Gear-Life’s bamboo plant stand makes this review for all the right reasons. It features everything you’d want if you are looking for an outdoor plant stand that can withstand harsh weather conditions. For instance, the two layers of varnish are perfect for the prevention of insect and mold attacks. And the eco-friendly, non-toxic, and odor-free paint is essential in preventing weather degradation while being harmless to humans. 

Though a multilayered plant stand, it is notable for its slim profile making it perfect for small outdoor and indoor spaces. The design is clearly about making getting the best if space is at a premium. Plus, the versatility is something that can’t be ignored. As well as your potted plants, it is also a great option if you are looking for a cool shelf for your photos, books, trophies, and even wine bottles if you decide to keep the stand indoors. 

And what about installation? You’ve got nothing to worry about. It comes with complete instructions on how to do it in 6 simple steps. Setting it up is a fun activity you could do with family or friends and you can rest easy knowing that if anything goes wrong during installation, the 13 months warranty has you covered. 

It comes with a couple of downsides though. it can only hold small potted plants and the bolts can be hard to get in when using an Allen Key. 

#5. Himaweek 3 Tier 11 Potted Plant Stand 

The Himaweek plant stand can hold up to 11 potted plants on 3 tiers comprising 5 vertical stands arranged side by side. The design features a 3 tier middle plant stand flanked on either side by two 2 tier stands that can collectively hold 8 potted plants for a total of 11 shelves to hold pots of different sizes. The 30″ tall wooden plant stand is precisely what you want if you have multiple potted plants that need organizing outdoors on the balcony, patio, and even the garden. 

The versatile, multifunctional 50″ long plant stand is made from natural wood carbonized at 573°F for a durable structure that is heat resistant, moisture proof, and environmentally friendly. It is built to withstand a weight limit of up to 150 lbs giving users wide-ranging options in terms of pot sizes. And most importantly for users, it features upgraded connectors incorporating durable ABS joints making installation and setup a breeze in just 3 steps: no need for screws or bolts, and the included instructions are clear and simple to grasp. 

The package also includes a wooden hammer and a pair of gloves to protect the hands from stains. That said, many users have found the installation video misleading in one critical respect: the connection pieces are supposed to be 9.84″ instead of the 7.48″ referenced in the video. Apart from that though, you shouldn’t have problems putting it together.

#6. Rossny 8 Tier Bamboo Plant Stand 

A vital reason for investing in a plant is to get a visually-pleasing ‘furniture’ that complements the decor of your home. This triangular-shaped bamboo plant shelf does exactly that to your patio, balcony, and other outdoor spaces. Crafted from high-quality natural bamboo, it features a shape that gives you lots of options in terms of the number and sizes of potted plants to place on it. 

A design feature that adds more utility to the stand is the caster wheels at the bottom rendering it into a highly mobile plant stand. With this, you can easily move it to a new location, perhaps, to ensure the plants get more sun or simply to redecorate a different space. And like all the best plant stands, it can also be situated indoors and serve as placeholders for books, memorable photos, etc. Its utility as a decorative accent for any space is broad with tons of leeway for improvisation. 

The 47″ tall, 8 tier plant stand can hold up to 17 plants (or even more depending on the size of the pots). Its surface is painted with clear varnish to help maintain the pristine nature for as long as possible. And you get all the tools necessary to set it up in the package. This includes an Allen wrench, spanner, and bolts. But even with the easy-to-understand assembly instructions, this stand can be hard to put together. You’d need lots of patience or you might give up before making it to the 8th tier.

#7. Copree 6 Tier Plant Stand 

A plant organizer welded to a modern design for your outdoor spaces such as patio, garden, balcony, doesn’t get any better than this model made with exquisite workmanship using anti-corrosion and insect protection bamboo. It is easy to assemble with the included tools and in no time at all, you’d set up a charming plant stand that can be moved to any part of the house thanks to the caster wheels. 

This 6 tier plant stand by Copree is another beautifully designed stand that that is perfect for plant mobility. The effortless mobility is all about the 4 casters with two of the wheels capable of locking to keep the plant stand stationary. The bamboo and metal plant stand comes with 6 layers of exhibition space for your potted plants. And depending on the size of the pots and personal preferences, it can be made to hold more pots than the number of shelves. 

However, while the 7.8 lbs and 25″ inches tall plant holder should be easy to assemble, you’d have to contend with the number of fasteners needed. And one design flaw that isn’t a deal-breaker is linked to the smaller shelves that need bending during installation to fit into their allotted place. 

#8. SpaceAid 2 Pack Plant Stand 

If you are looking for a couple of simply designed, versatile, and very practical plant stands for your outdoor potted plants, this 3 tier stand (for a total of 6 tiers) by SpaceAid is a great choice. Each plant rack is made from high-quality, natural wood that has been treated to ensure long-lasting durability. 

The simple, rectangular design is all about ensuring stability and sturdiness: wobbling and structural failure are out of the question no matter the weight of the plants and size of the pots. And talking about the pots, the set can hold up to 12 regular-size with provision for tall pots up to 150 lbs. The bottom line is, you have more than enough space to organize your beautiful plants. 

While many users gush over the practical design, others get very excited by the multipurpose utility of the plant stand. You can use one stand to hold flower pots and the other can be put to use as a display shelf for anything that can fit on the shelves: think books, memorabilia, photos, and even gadgets. 

And if you hate complicated assembly using tools, bolts and, screws, this is perfect for you. Assembling is simply a matter of using the sturdy plastic joints to connect the various pieces. The included illustrated instructions ensure you complete it in less than 30 minutes. However, the rather small mallet that came with the package can make what should pretty a straightforward assembling task take longer than usual.

#9. HowRU 3 in 1 Plant Stand 

There are several things to love about this plant stand by HowRU. First off, there is no mistaking that the open design is all about ensuring that users are not restricted in terms of pot sizes that can be placed on the stands. Designed like a fancy stool, the plant stands are can hold larger pots relative to other models. 

The three plant stands come with a bronze color to enhance that earthy appearance that goes well with gardening and plants. However, you also have the option of different color combinations from black, white, and bronze depending on your personal preferences. 

Also great to liven up any indoor space including your office, the plant stands are an absolute steal for the money. At the price, the three stands are outrightly the best budget plant stands in the market. Since the steel metal stands come pre-assembled, you can use them straight out of the box without any need for tedious assembling. 

But there are some downsides worth mentioning here. The plant stands are very lightweight and even verge on the flimsy.  Given the rather lightweight nature of the metal, it’s hard to believe they are made from steel. The bottom line is you don’t want to put something very heavy on them to prevent the legs from getting bent. 

#10. Chfine 2 Pack Mid Century Adjustable Modern Plant Stand 

These stunningly designed modern plant stands are getting tons of high praise from folks who have already purchased and are putting them to good use. The incredibly versatile product is made from iron with a powder-coated surface to ensure longevity. The design also features black stoppers at the top and bottom of the legs to prevent scratches on the floor while also providing anti-slip capabilities. 

With such simplicity in terms of design comes the added benefit of an easy installation procedure. While many awesome plant stands are somewhat defined by complex or lengthy (or both!) installation processes, this is almost like a walk in the park. The main pieces (legs and middle crossbars) fit easily into the integrated notches. You can easily adjust the width for bigger pots by simply pulling it gently outwards! 

The stand is about 16″ tall and can be adjusted to a width of between 8 – 12 inches. Which means, you can fit in a pot with a bottom diameter of about 12″ and up to 15″ high. That gives you lots of leeway in terms of the types of potted plants that can be placed on each one. 

The product comes in pairs and easily fits with most home decor and furniture. This would be a perfect choice if you have just a couple of house plants that need to be placed outdoors. But keep in mind though that the design puts a limit to the pot sizes that can be placed on them. And there are reports of slight wobbling mainly because the legs are not very square. 

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Buying Guide: Best Outdoor Plant Stands

Choosing a suitable outdoor plant stand can be challenging because there are different designs and styles. To narrow your choices and make picking a suitable one less tedious, you’d have to base your decisions on certain factors. 

In this section, we’d walk you through some of the most important factors to consider if the plan is to end up with the best outdoor plant stand that is perfect for you. 

Some of these shopping considerations include the following:

Evaluate your space 

Where you want to locate the plant stand and the size of the space is one of the first things to consider. Naturally, the model you want should have enough shelves for all your plants. At the same time though, you don’t want a structure that is so big it might prove difficult to fit into the space. 

That said, being an outdoor plant stand, you might not be too restricted in terms of space. But in places like a small balcony or patio., it is important that it doesn’t take up to much space that you are left with little or no room for other things such as chairs, tables, or even walking space. 

Experts recommend you compare the dimensions of the area with the plant stand first. If you have several pots to display and the space is rather small. consider getting a comparatively taller stand with multiple tires. This is awesome as you can store as many pots as possible vertically. 

Type of plant stand 

Another critical factor is deciding the type of plant stand you want for displaying your potted plants outdoors. In terms of design, plant stands are divided into two broad groups: single-layer stands and multilayered stands. 

With a single pot stand, you can only place a single pot. So if you have many plants, you’d have to purchase several stands to match the number of plants. 

With multilayered plant stands, the design features several tiers to hold multiple potted plants. There are different types of designs from the very simple structures with two or three tiers to very intricate and complex designs with up to 8 or more tiers. 

Fortunately, there are many designs to match different requirements. Your final choice might come down to how many potted plants you have, your space, personal preferences, and perhaps how much you are prepared to invest in one. 

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Check reviews 

If you are buying from online stores, do take some time to read the reviews from people who have bought the product. The reviews should cover the online vendor’s credibility and their ability to deliver. 

Then you want to pay close attention to the product reviews from users and the product description. You should also focus on the dimensions to get a fair idea of how big or small the plant stand is. You’d never go wrong if you stick to a product with top ratings from several users. 

So where do you get trusted reviews? A good place to start is online merchants like Amazon and third-party websites like TrustedPilot. 


The material used in the manufacture of the plant is crucial to the durability of the product. You want a stand that can withstand different weather conditions. 

The common options when it comes to materials include wood, metal, and plastic. Plastic plant stands tend to be less durable compared to wood and metal. They are less expensive though but the price differential doesn’t make up for the fact they fall apart easily. 

Wooden plant stands can be made from oak, fir, manufactured wood, and even bamboo. The best wooden plant stands are usually treated in a process known as carbonization to make the wood stronger, more resistant to heat, and less susceptible to weather degradation. 

For Bamboo plant stands, treatment via carbonization is not common but to preserve the bamboo, non-toxic preservative paints and varnish could be smeared all over the surface. 

Finally, if you are choosing a metal plant stand, ensure the metal parts are treated with powder coating. This promotes durability and resistance to wear and the weather. 


Before going out to get a plant stand, its utility as a decorative piece must be taken into consideration. Basically, the product must complement the space’s decor. 

In outdoor garden spaces, rustic styles or designs would seem like the smartest choices. On balconies and patios, while brightly-colored products are an option, the contrast with the surrounding shouldn’t be too extreme or it would be jarring. 

In terms of the shapes, the options are limitless and it might all come down to personal preference. Keep in mind though that you might have to spend a little more on intricately-designed pieces. 


Whatever the design or style, you must choose a product that is strong and sturdy. This is where plant stands made from metal have a clear edge. Nevertheless, getting a strong product made from wood shouldn’t be hard. All the wooden stands in this review are sturdy and are unlikely to collapse under the weight of the potted plants. 

To be on the safe side though, always check the specifications for the weight limit. This indicates the maximum weight that can be safely placed on the stand. You should also have a pretty good idea of your potted plants’ weight so you can make the right decision. 


If handling tools or DIY is not your thing, you should consider getting a stand that doesn’t require much assembling to set it up. Pre-assembled plant stands are also options that you can use straight out of the box. 

Many of the stands have to be assembled though. The main things to consider are how easy or difficult the process is and whether you’d need additional tools to do it. You could always get help from a technician or neighbor if assembling it is challenging. 

Basically, you want to avoid a product that is very complicated to set up. If the process is intricate or complex, you might get frustrated and end up doing a shoddy job that could fall apart easily or at best be very unsteady and wobbly. 

That said, make sure the packet comes with the installation instructions. It would be nice if the instructions are clearly illustrated with accompanying texts instructions that are easy to understand. 

The best plant stands for outdoors usually come with all the needed installation tools such as gloves, a small hammer, bolts, and screws. Essentially, there is no need for extra purchases to assemble the plant stand. 


Finally, you have to decide how much you are prepared to invest. This is a smart move so you don’t end up spending more than you are prepared to. Generally, large products are more expensive than smaller ones. But sometimes, the price could be dependent on the material used with plastic being the cheapest. 

While deciding on your budget, also take time out to check the shipping cost if you are buying from online stores. Shipping costs and other hidden charges are sometimes not clearly shown until you get to checkout and discover the final cost has overshot your budget. 

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FAQ: Outdoor Plant Stands

What are the Benefits of Getting a Plant Stand? 

There are several distinct benefits to getting a stand or stands for your plants.  For instance, chosen carefully, plant stands allow you to improve or complement the decor of the space as pieces of furniture or even artwork. 

They also allow you to optimize the available space, and with the plants above ground, susceptibility to plant pests and diseases is minimized.

How Can I Choose the Best Plant Stand? 

Choosing the most suitable plant stand is largely based on personal taste all things considered. To make a great job of it, you’d also have to make sure the stand fits the space, is made from high-quality materials, and aesthetically, complements the decor of the intended space.

Is it Hard to Assembly an Outdoor Plant Stand? 

This depends on several factors. Folks who are good with tools and are DIY enthusiasts generally find it very easy to assemble one. The reverse applies if your tools handling skills are less than basic. 

Assembling can range from easy to difficult depending on the design and the number of pieces that make up the stand. Some can take less than 15 minutes to build while others can take the better part of an hour. No matter what though, models that need assembling should include detailed assembling instructions. 

Can I Use My Plant Stand for Something Else? 

Absolutely! Most plant stands are multifunctional. As well as providing a great option for keeping plants either indoors or outdoors, they can be used to organize items such as books, photos, shoes, bottles beverages, toiletries, and much more.

How Can I Make My Plant Stand Match My Home Aesthetic? 

Fortunately, with so many designs and color schemes, getting this right isn’t hard. The smart move is the get a model that fits your personal taste. Or you could select a neutral design that can be placed in most spaces and won’t look out of place.

Where Should I Put My Outdoor Plant Stand? 

This depends on factors such as the available space, decor, and the needs of your plants. 

The lighting needs the plant is the most important aspect. For sun-loving plants, the stand should be located where it can get the most sunlight while shade-loving plants should have their stands placed where they are protected from direct sunlight.

How can I Fix My Wobbly Plant Stand? 

A variety of reasons can lead to wobbling stands. Identifying the reason is the first step towards resolving the issue. 

Check to see if the stand is on a level surface. You might have to place a small wedge under one of the legs to level things out.  Moving the stand to a level surface is another simple solution. 

The wobbling could also be due to lose screws. Simply tightening the loose screws could solve the problem. 

In models with adjustable legs, the solution could come down to simply adjusting the length of one or two of the legs.