17 Best Gas Pole Saws

It’s easy to imagine how risky cutting or pruning high tree branches was before pole saws. You’d had to perch precariously on a ladder or climb the tree, which in itself is fraud with dangers; not to mention having to start, control, and handle a vibrating power saw while up there. That was a job best left to the professionals.

However, with pole saws now readily available, cutting high-up branches is like a walk in the park, especially if you have the best gas pole saw on the market. With your feet on solid ground, you can simply cut away; the idea of falling is the least of your worries.

Cutting branches, small tree limbs, and shrubs is a huge part of maintaining a beautiful landscape For homeowners and professional landscapers. That is why we’ve taken the time to research the top models on the market. This guide, the product of that research, contains a review of 17 of the best gas pole saws money can buy.  The guide also outlines the crucial factors to consider when shopping for the best gas powered pole saw and valuable tips to get the best from your purchase.

Top 17 Best Gas Pole Saws: Product Review

#1. Maxtra 90-180 Head Rotatable Gas Pole Saw

We kick off this review of the best gas pole saws on the market with the 22 lbs Maxtra pole that excels for its straightforward simplicity when it comes to cutting branches high above the ground. The powerful 42.7 cc engine provides consistent power to the cutting bar without stalling. You’d be constantly amazed by its power and reliability whether you are cutting thick branches or trimming felled branches into logs.

A standout feature is the cutting bar which can easily be adjusted from an upright position through 90° so it lies perpendicular to the ground. This makes it convenient for cutting branches at whatever angle or placement for improved cutting precision and safety. It owes its 15 feet reach to the 8.2 – 11.4 feet adjustable telescopic pole, 3.6 feet extension pole, and 10-inch cutting bar allowing you to cut and trim tree branches and limbs without climbing the tree or perching precariously on a ladder.

Other features include the unique connector for convenient installation, a shoulder strap for effective control and fatigue reduction, and a well-designed storage bag. This could have been a perfect gas pole saw but for a few downsides that are not necessarily deal-breakers. For instance, the weight could be an issue for some users and mastering it might take time for newbies.

#2. Huyosen CG430MF-3 Gas Pole Saw

With a powerful and steady 45cc, 2-stroke, air-cooled engine providing a robust cutting foundation for the 10 inches bar, cutting branches with a pole saw like this Huyosen CG430MF doesn’t get any more effortless. If your primary concern is to save time and energy, this is a great choice.

It comes with a pretty decent reach thanks to a pole length of up to 10 feet; together with the cutting bar and depending on your height, you can easily cut branches over 13 feet from the ground. It is also designed with an anti-slip hand bar to prevent slipping or rotation of the pole saw. This helps in conferring ultimate control on the user, especially when cutting high branches.

While there might be concerns that a powerful engine would produce strong and uncomfortable vibrations during operations, Huyosen mitigated the vibration effects with a comfortable shoulder strap. This also helps to reduce fatigue that might set in during operations. Some useful accessories like safety goggles, an oil can, a funnel, and a carrying bag also come with the package.

However, keep in mind that the cutting bar is 10 inches and not 25 inches as stated in the official specs. 10 inches though, is the standard for most pole saws in this category. Also, you need to ignore the 10 lbs weight in the specs. It is bulkier than that with most users having issues with how heavy it is.

#3. Mellcom 52CC Gas Powered Pole Saw  

Up next is a multifunctional garden tool with awesome tree branch cutting functionality. The Mellcom 52cc pole saw is a 15 lbs 4-in-1 trimming beast for discerning homeowners. It can be easily converted from a standard pole saw to a hedge trimmer, weed eater, or even brush cutter with its quick-release connector and attachments. And with its powerful engine, cutting, trimming, or eliminating weeds is an effortless task.

This pole saw is not just about power and efficiency though. The design also puts the comfort of the user into consideration with shoulder straps that help to reduce vibration and fatigue while working, an anti-slip hand bar combined with an anti-rotation functionality to promote healthy, safe use, and a dual-position choke that ensures reliable and safe startups even in freezing conditions. The design also allows users to conveniently adjust the working angle into multiple positions for a more comfortable working experience.

There isn’t much that can be faulted with this pole saw. A few things though are worth mentioning. First, the user manual is not up to the standard expected from a product that costs this much. Also, while the manual claims a pole length of 11 feet, it is actually about 7 feet. finally, the spool linen feed is faulty and the manual contains no information on how to re-spool it.

#4. Salem Master Pro Gas Pole Saw

The best professional gas pole saw for home use doesn’t come more highly recommended than the Salem Master Pro Gas Pole. The telescopic pole, which can be adjusted from 7 – 11 feet combines with a 12-inch cutting bar and chain for a reach of about 16 feet. Using a ladder or climbing a tree is out of the question. And with the powerful 42.7cc 2 stroke engine, it has a stable and efficient foundation to cut branches and trim hedges effortlessly.

Other notable features include the see-through oil tank so you can easily determine how much fuel you have left, a double stage filtration system for easy cleaning and ensuring longer maintenance intervals, easy start functionality no matter the external weather condition, and an ergonomically-designed loop handle combine with a rubber grip t0 makes handling comfortable. And the icing on the cake is the carry bag for convenient storage and easy portability.

Salem Master went to great lengths to make this poor saw easy to assemble and use. Like many folks, you would love the top-notch cutting efficiency. But, you might find it bulky and heavy making handling, especially when the pole is extended to its fullest length, very tricky. It takes getting used to.

#5. LaGinza 42.7cc Gas Cordless Pole Saw 

The LaGinza Cordless Pole Saw is another powerful tree branch pruning tool that allows you to easily cut thick branches and even logs up to about 10 inches thick. The cutting efficiency of the pole saw is enhanced by the cutting bar, which at 12″ long, is bigger than most saws of the same price range. This helps to save time and effort.

To ensure safe and clean cutting precision, it features a multi-angle adjustable cutting head allowing users to easily target difficult-to-reach branches, especially in tight spaces. The multi-angle head is also an awesome safety feature that prevents accidents and injuries while working. And talking about targeting branches, the pole saw has a maximum reach of over 15 feet thanks to the combination of the 12″ cutting bar, 8 feet telescopic pole, and 3.7 feet extension pole.

Buyers also get a 1-liter mixing bottle, ear defenders to protect the eardrums, safety glasses, and one carrying bag for proper storage and portability which is very handy because this pole saw is heavy which can also make handling tedious. The weight issue aside, the engine is quite noisy so it’s best you have the included ear muffs in place before you start working.

#6. Proyama DG430 Powerful Pole Saw

The Proyama DG430 is a 5-in-1 multifunctional pole saw that features a 42.7 cc engine that provides homeowners with more than enough power to cut tree branches and shrubs without delays or hiccups. It comes with a comfortable shoulder strap to lessen the effects of vibrations while working. The fitted shoulder lash is vital because the powerful engine can produce very intense vibrations.

The EPA-certified engine makes it an eco-friendly machine with limited emission of environmentally hazardous gases into the air. The eco-compliance also extends to the amount of gas consumed invariably helping you to save money on gas in the long run. As well as being cost-effective, it is very versatile garden equipment featuring several easy to assemble accessories for cutting brushes and trimming hedges.

Also, its multi-angle head adjustment feature allows you to cut down branches without having to adjust or turn your body. This is quite useful when trying to cut branches in tight or confined spaces. And to put your mind at ease, it also comes with a 1-year warranty, a clear sign the manufacturers are positive the pole saw is going to more than deliver on its promises for a long time.

#7. Sunseeker MFT26 26cc 4 in 1 Multi Tool

If you are looking for a pole saw that combines the functionalities of a hedge trimmer, grass trimmer, and brush cuter in one compact machine, the Sunseeker MFT26 stands out as one of the most affordable and best options on the market. The package comes with professional-grade attachments and with the integrated link-up quick connection, you can easily switch between all 4 tools to keep your yard or garden looking trim and clean.

The 26cc 2 cycle engine provides optimal power to the 10″ articulating pole saw cutting bar to make multiple cuts on branches easily. The engine itself is a full crank engine designed for quick starts and smooth operations for reduced emissions, fuel efficiency, and longer engine life. And to further promote engine life, it comes with a vented aluminum casing-supported transmission that also helps to reduce vibrations.

You would also get a well-designed support harness to improve control, handling, and stability while cutting high-up branches. However, while the starter cord is designed to pull easily for convenient startups, the rope is rather short. So you might want to be careful how far you pull it or you run the risk of snagging a fingernail or worse.

#8. Remington RM25PS Maverick Gas Saw

This gas pole saw by Remington comes with a power and a performance that would make a substantial difference in any tree-branch cutting job. While more powerful pole saws weigh more due to the large engine making them cumbersome, the 25 cc, dual-cycle engine is sufficient for most branches up to a few inches in diameter making it a great pole saw for homeowners. The reliable engine is designed for long service, low maintenance, and effortless start-ups even in cold weather.

With this pole saw, you can reach branches that are between 11 and 12 feet off the ground depending on your height. This means that hard-to-reach branches shouldn’t pose any issue. Also, at about 14 lbs, it is a lightweight pole saw making handling with precision while cutting a less demanding task compared to heavier pole saws.

However, keep in mind that while this is one of the best pole saws for the money, it is designed for light work. Also, the cutter might not rotate smoothly when using it for the first time. This can be resolved by loosening the chain and turning up the chain oil flow slightly when setting it up the first time.

#9. Proyama DG260 Gas Pole Saw & Garden Trimming Tools

With an EPA-certified 26cc engine that optimizes fuel use for reduced pollution, this Proyama multifunctional garden tool packs everything you need to maintain a garden full of trees, shrubs, and grass. The telescopic pole can be adjusted from a default length of 8.2 feet to 11.4 feet so you don’t have to use a ladder to trim tree branches over 7 feet from the ground.

The package features all the right accessories to improve the operating experience and protect users. Some of the accessories include a pair of ear protectors, work gloves to protect the hands, a vibration-reduction shoulder harness for better handling, and a face shield. The impressive cutting power is not limited to the pole saw. You’ll get same the same power and fantastic performance whether you are using the string trimmer, brush cutter, or hedge trimmer attachments.

This easy-to-start garden machine that comes with an emergency stop button is blighted with a couple of issues though. While the pole saw is almost perfect, you might find the string trimmer with its dual-string design a bit complicated. And can better with the harness design. It isn’t snug enough for some body types.

#10. Echo 12″ Gas Pole Saw

The Echo 12″ Gas Pole Saw is a swift and efficient gas-powered tree pruner that is considered one of the most powerful telescoping pole saws on the market for home use. It comes with a 25.4cc pro extreme power engine delivering 1.35 horsepower to the 12 inches cutting bar for fast and efficient cutting of tree branches.

When the telescopic handle is extended fully, the saw can easily reach branches that are about  15 feet up. You can rest assured of convenient cutting of any tree branch up to 10 inches thick. It is designed with a splined aluminum inner draft telescopic handle for improved handling and durability. It features a fiberglass outer shaft and splined aluminum inner core to keep the weight at a manageable At 27 lbs.

You’d love the simple but effective aluminum collars at both ends of the shaft that combines with the D-ring handle to give users more control at various working angles.  As well as the ergonomic looped handle featuring rubber over mold, engine mounts and drive shafts all aid to reduce vibration.  And the fuel tank capacity of about 21 ounces delivers optimum performance with a gas to oil ratio of 50:1 makes it cost-effective in terms of spending on oil.

#11. Husqvarna 525PT5S Telescoping Pole Saw

This Husqvarna Pole Saw ticks all the boxes if a premium quality gas-operated pole saw is what you need to prune your trees. You would easily achieve high-end results without wasting much time thanks to its excellent ergonomics that deliver superior balance.

Equipped with a 25cc, 1.3Hp engine for rapid torque acceleration, it is a low-emission and low fuel consumption pole powering a 12-inch cutting bar and chain with a cutting diameter of about 20 inches. And with the automatic oiler, the chances of reduced efficiency while cutting branches are practically non-existent. It comes with 14 feet telescoping pole made of steel for durability. The length of the pole combined with 12 inch citing bar gives a default length of 15 feet capable of reaching branches over 18 feet from the ground depending on your height.

Other tasty features include a tough clutch housing for long service, an excellent air filtration system for reduced engine wear, and a stand-alone starter that ensures that changing the cord when necessary is not a complicated process.  But as you’d expect from a professional grade product with premium features, this pole saw is not cheap. And for the price,  the engine power is underwhelming. But it gets the job done without hassles.

#12. TrimmerPlus PS720 Pole Saw

The TrimmerPlus PS720 Pole Saw is designed for cutting and pruning hedges and tree branches up to 16 inches in diameter. It comes with two different extension sections that allow users to reach up to 12 feet depending on their height. To consistently maintain top-notch cutting performance, it comes with an automatic cutting bar and chain self-lubricating function.

The pole saw’s versatility is underlined by its compatibility with various attachments. This essentially means you can also easily transform it into different tools you might find useful in your yard. Also, you can easily get these attachments from the same manufacturer for easy compatibility. The attachments can also be used with trimmers or pruners from top brands with split boom capabilities such as Craftsman, Troy-Bilt, Remington, etc.

However, while this is an awesome and inexpensive gas powered pole saw, it comes with a couple of downsides. For instance, the two-year warranty only applies to the extended boom. And the saw pole’s housing doesn’t inspire great confidence in terms of heavy-duty work. Though perfect for homeowners, the re-inforced resin-like plastic of the housing might not last long when used for commercial purposes.

#13. Poulan Pro PR28PS Gas Pole Saw

The Poulan Pro PR28PS Gas Pole Saw is a 28cc engine pole chainsaw that is quite affordable considering the size of the engine. The 14 lbs pole saw is a lightweight affair but comes with a branch trimming efficiency that never ceases to amaze. And with its metallic alloy constriction, your investment has an edge in terms of durability.

With easy-to-master controls, it comes with the SureFire Fuel Delivery system, a fuel-optimization feature to help limit refueling costs. The machine is easy to start with the spring-assisted starter requiring just 3 steps: simply prime, choke, and pull to get it roaring smoothly and ready for action.

Other additional features include the auto-return stop switch that automatically resets the engine to the ‘On’ position making subsequent startups easy; a dual-line feed Tap’N Go head system for consistently superior cutting results; and a design function that makes it very easy to reload the trimmer spool. The pole can accept 6 additional attachments turning it into a garden blower, hedger, brush cutter, and much more.

Officially, the pole saw has a reach of 12 feet, but that might be too optimistic considering that the total length of the pole saw is about 8 feet.

#14. Craftsman P205 Gas Powered Pole Saw

The Craftsman brand is famous for making quality tools. So it isn’t surprising that the Craftsman P205 Gas Powered Pole makes the cut for this review. The P205 has a 25 cc, 2-cycle engine under the hood with an automatic oiler to keep the cutting chain running smoothly while operating. At just 25 cc engine power, it is not the most powerful in this review but one upside to this is the low kickback of the engine making it a delight to handle.

Perfectly capable of tackling basic cutting tasks, it has a 7-hour extension pole that combines with the 8-inch cutting bar for a reach of up to 12 feet. Starting the engine is one of the least stressful thanks to the spring-assisted easy-start technology.

Like many of the gas powered pole saws for high branches in this review, the Craftsman P205 can easily be converted into different garden power tools such as trimmers with the right attachments. Unfortunately, the attachments are sold separately. Another minus of this relatively lightweight pole saw is the fact that the bar and chain oil is likely to leak out of the unit when it is not in use.

#15. TrimmerPlus TPP720 Polesaw

This TrimmerPlus cordless gas pole saw is everything you need for cutting and trimming jobs in your yard. It features a design that makes it easy to transform it to other tools like string trimmers and hedges. And the awesome thing is, it is compatible with attachments from reputable brands like Remington, Troy-Bilt, Ryobi, etc.

This TrimmerPlus gas pole is the newer model of the first one above, the PS720. There is not much to choose between the two as they come with almost similar specifications including a maximum reach of 11 feet depending on your height, dual height options, an auto oiler to lubricate the 8 inches cutting bar while working, and a 2-year warranty.

However, this model is slightly heavier. But at just over 7 lbs it is still lighter than most gas powered pole saws. That said, TrimmerPlus missed a trick not including a shoulder harness since this is heavier than the PS720 and is supposed to be an improvement on its predecessor. This model though is low-priced, it is safe to categorize it as the best budget gas pole saw.

#16. Maxtra MAX-02-R Gas Pole Saw

The Maxtra Max-02-R gas operated pole saw is another awesome garden power tool by Maxtra. It easily allows you to cut 16 feet high branches up to 8 inches thick as well as cut wood and prune your garden with the 10-inch cutting bar. The cordless pole saw has a powerful 42.7cc, 1100W, 2 stroke engine to thank for an efficiency that ranks up there with higher-priced premium products. For shorter branches, simply flick the quick release connector to detach the extension pole.

To ensure engine durability, the Pole saw comes with an efficient air filtration system while the 2-position choke works perfectly with the centrifugal clutch making it one of the easiest engines to start even in freezing conditions. And in case you are planning to work on your garden for long, the shoulder strap is there to protect you from fatigue and vibrations.

However, setting it up might prove challenging for a newbie because the manual doesn’t include the relevant information. And the weight can be a problem for many users when it comes to handling, especially after working for a long time. And padding the included shoulder strap to improve comfort would have been better.

#17. Maxtra 5-in-1 Gas Pole Saw

The third Maxtra gas pole in this review only underlines the superior quality and extensive product line of gas powered pole saws by the company. This model comes with the standard Maxtra 42.7 cc engine that sits at the top of the pile when it comes to power and stability.

What stands this model out is its versatility. It is a combination of four power tools in one making it a 5-in-1 garden tool. The pole saw can easily be transformed into a brush cutter, string trimmer, hedge trimmer, and weed eater using the quick-release connector. If the goal is to cut branches as high as 16 feet from the ground, you are fully covered with the 43″ extension pole using the 10″ cutting bar. And any worries about vibration-induced fatigue while working are taken care of by the shoulder strap that also aids stability, control, and safety during operations.

This easy-to-start pole saw however isn’t perfect. For a start, it is not lightweight mostly because of the heavy engine. If you are not handy with tools, assembling it might prove challenging. lastly, It’s also relatively expensive. If you only need a pole saw instead of a multi-functional garden tool, you could save some money by going for the cheaper Maxtra alternatives above.

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Buying Guide: Best Gas Pole Saws

When it comes to buying a new or replacement gas pole saw, there are some specifications and features that are considered non-negotiables. These are factors you must take into consideration so you end up with a pole saw that is a perfect fit for you and the tasks ahead.

Below are the important factors to consider when shopping for a gas pole saw.


The pole saw’s weight is easily one of the most critical buying considerations. Pole saws can quickly become vibrating deadweights that become hard to control when working. Even if you have an amazing physique like a pro wrestler at their peak, holding and controlling a heavy tool for long would strain the muscles. Fatigue and loss of control are the results and that is what you don’t want with a pole saw.

Look for a model you can handle safely. In terms of weight, poles saws max out at about 22 lbs but most of the best ones fall within the 8 and 17 lbs weight range. The rule of thumb is, if you find it hard to balance and control the machine with the telescoping poor attached, then it is too heavy for you.

Fortunately, most manufacturers include a shoulder strap for easy control and maneuverability. As well as helping to balance the weight and improving control, a well-designed shoulder strap also mitigate the effects of vibrations.

So a strap is something you might want to ensure is part of the package no matter how lightweight you think the pole saw is. A simple accessory like that could be the difference between having a great working experience and feeling you are not cut out for this.

Pole saw length/Working height

The longer the pole saw, the greater the reach in terms of high-up branches. The ideal model would come with an adjustable or telescoping handle that can reach the highest branches in your yard.

Most models indicate the minimum and maximum working height when an extension pole is attached. The working height refers to the highest branches the saw can reach during operations. It is an estimated figure that factors a user’s height, arm length, and the length of the pole.

While the working height might be shown as 12 feet, in reality, the length of the pole saw is less than that.

When it comes to pole length, you have the option of choosing a model with a detachable/extension pole or one with a telescoping pole. A telescoping pole makes it convenient to switch quickly between cutting branches high above the ground and trimming tree limbs and hedges at ground level.

That said, you have to balance pole length and control. This is because control depreciates at greater heights especially when conditions are windy.

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Pole saw cutting bar length

There is a direct link between the length of the cutting bar and the size of wood or branch the pole can conveniently cut: bigger cutting bars cut thicker branches.

In most models, especially those manufactured for homeowners, bar lengths are typically 8 inches. But the range is usually between 6 and 12 inches.

The expert recommendation is to get a cutting bar length that is at least 2 inches more than the thickness of the wood. For instance, if the biggest branches are about 7 inches thick, your best are models featuring cutting bar lengths at least 9 inches in length.

Guide bar and chain

The quality of the guide bar and cutting chain is also an important component. Fortunately, all the best models feature a guide bar made of strong steel material.

Not all models come with a pre-installed cutting chain. And it can be very challenging assembling it especially if you are not handy with tools. Find out if it comes already assembled or whether it is difficult to set it up before buying. But you could always have a professional do it for you though.

Guard links are something you want to look out for too. Usually found in front of the cutting chain, they help prevent the gas pole from getting unnecessarily entangled in small branches, debris, and vines during operations.

They are perfect if the job involves cutting small trees with lots of small tree limbs. Keep in mind, though, that this feature is not found on all models.

Engine power

The gas pole saw engine power determines the cutting strength of the pole saw. The power is measured in cubic capacity or cc.

Engines with a higher cc rating are always more powerful. A pole saw with a 42-cc engine delivers more power to the blades than one with a 27-cc engine. If your budget allows it, always choose a model with a higher engine rating, especially if you prune or chop tree branches and limbs frequently.

Another indicator of engine power is the number of strokes required by the engine’s piston for complete combustion. Most pole saw models are 2-cycle engines; there are also the more efficient and more powerful 4-cycle engines. But the 2-cycle versions are more than adequate for most homes and some professional uses.

Noise level

No matter the claims of manufacturers about how quiet their gas pole saws are during operations, you need to keep in mind that this is just relative. Gas pole saws are noisy with an average decibel output of up to 106 dB.

This decibel level can be uncomfortable for many users. So if you are normally bothered by loud noise, think about having extra money to spend on earmuffs to protect your eardrums. Some of the models featured in this review come with free muffs and even goggles to protect your eyes.


When choosing gas pole saws, it is important to restrict your choices to models that are sturdily built. Strong and sturdy means durability and reliability no matter how tough the job is.

Basically, avoid products with parts or components made from plastic material or metal alloys that would crank easily. The frustration of having your pole saw falling apart or stalling in the middle of operations due to inferior parts is off the scale.

Extra features

  • Non-slip grip – It improves handling and control
  • Auto-oiling – This is a self-lubricating feature that ensures the chain rotates smoothly and freely around the bar no matter how long you are working.
  • Attachments – They transform the pole saw into a multi garden tool allowing you to use it as a trimmer, grass cutter, hedger, etc. by simply coupling the appropriate attachment to the engine.
  • Chain brakes – This helps to protect users in case of powerful engine kickbacks

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FAQ: Best Gas Pole Saws

Q: What Kind of Gas do You Put in a Pole Saw?

This depends on the manufacturer’s recommendation. Refer to the owner’s manual for the kind of fuel that is specific to your pole saw.

Generally, though, you’d want to use high-quality gasoline such as unleaded high octane gasoline with at least an 89 octane rating. The best pole saws are typically designed for peak performance with that or higher octane rating.

Q: What is the Longest Gas Pole Saw?

Because most gas pole saws come with adjustable or telescopic poles, this can vary depending on the model. Generally, pole saw lengths start as low as 30 inches and reach a maximum length of 15 feet for professional models.

However, many users consider the Husqvarna 525PT5S one of the longest gas pole saws with its 156-inch telescopic pole.

Q: How Thick Can a Pole Saw Cut?

This is all about the size of the cutting bar or the saw head. Saw heads sizes range from 6 – 12 inches while the most common size is 8 inches capable of cutting branches 6 inches thick.

The rule of thumb is to subtract 2 inches from the size or length of the cutting bar to get the wood thickness. For instance, if the cutting bar is 10 inches, it is safe to assume it can cut branches up to 8 inches thick.

Q: What is the Lightest Gas Pole Saw?

This is a common question because most users don’t want bulky and heavy equipment. But it’s a tricky business balancing power and weight because the weightier pole saws tend to be the most powerful.

That said, the TrimmerPlus TPP720 stands out as one of the lightest gas pole saws on the market.

Q: How Does Gas Powered Pole Saw Work?

Like other types of pole saws, gas powered pole saws are designed with an engine at one end and a chainsaw at the other end. A pole, of varying lengths depending on the model, connects the engine to the chainsaw.

The engine is typically started by pulling the starting cord. Priming the engine might be required in some cases before pulling the starter cord

Generally, both hands are required to lift and operate the saw using the well-placed handles. A conveniently- placed trigger controls and regulates the supply of power to the rotating blade on the cutting bar.

The speed of rotation, controlled by the engine, would determine the cutting power. Bigger engines are more powerful in terms of cutting power. How long you can work at a time depends on the size gas tank. For large jobs, stopping to refuel is normal.

Q: How do you Store a Gas Pole Saw?

Proper storage of a gas pole saw is very crucial to long-term use. The best place to store your equipment is in a well-ventilated and dry area.

Also, since the pole saw is likely to leak oil, ensure you store it away from items you don’t want oil on. And keep it in a secure location to prevent unauthorized use, especially by kids.

Some long-term storage tips include:

  • Clean it to remove chips and dust before storage
  • To prevent drying, you might want to top up the bar and chain oil
  • If you can, go ahead and remove the bar and chain for safety reasons
  • Store it above the floor in case of water spills on the floor