Best Gas Lawn Edger (2022 Buyer’s Guide)

For folks with large yards or desirous of more power to get the job done effectively, gas lawn edgers are the best options. I’ve reviewed some of the best gas lawn edgers in this article.

A lawn edger is a must-have lawn maintenance tool to keep your lawn looking meticulous with excellently manicured edges. Sometimes called lawn edge trimmers, there are different types sold with the gas powered edgers being the most expensive, and the walk behind gas edger is also quite popular for its ease of operation.

Regardless of the type and mode of operation, purchasing the right product could be challenging especially when there is a long list to choose from. This guide is a rundown of 5 of the very best gas lawn edger in the market.

The selection is the result of hours of rigorous research to ensure that only products of high quality and excellent performance made the cut. So whether you are a homeowner or pro landscaper, this comprehensive guide considerably lessens the stress of looking for a reliable gas lawn edger.

Top 5 Best Gas Lawn Edger: Reviews

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McLane 101-5.5GT

Southland SWLE0799 79cc 

Echo 225VP PAS Trimmer

Earthquake 23275 

TrimmerPlus TPE720 Dual 

#1. McLane 101-5.5GT Gas Powered Lawn Edger

McLane’s powerful gas powered lawn edger kicks off this review of the very best gasoline powered lawn edgers. With a 3.5 HP engine and a gross torque of 4.75, this is the sort of edger you want if you have a medium to a fairly large lawn. It is also perfect if you are looking for a walk behind easy to use edger that delivers professional lawn edging performance.

It comes with a motorized trimmer that is engineered to ride smoothly on curbs while simultaneously delivering a clean and precise cut consistently. The 2×9 inches steel spring blade is designed with sealed ball bearings to enhance the efficiency of the blades. You would surely love that the blades are easily adjustable to cut either horizontally or vertically. The height adjustability function also enables it to trim flat any height.

Made of high-quality materials for durability, it features wide 7″ rubber tires with ball-bearing wheels for smooth movement on all surfaces. It also meets all the most important safety standards.

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#2. Southland SWLE0799 79cc Gas Lawn Edger

This Southland gas lawn edger is exactly what you want if you want a professional landscaping job without having to pay for the services of a professional landscaper. The sturdy walk behind edger comes equipped with a 4 stroke OHV 79cc engine that consistently delivers an impressive 3.5 foot-pounds of torque for superior performance. It can even tackle tricky edging areas to leave the lawn looking like an experienced edger spent quite a considerable amount of time on it.

Thanks to the manual recoil, starting the engine is easy and fast. For your investment, you get a machine that is equipped with 9″ triangular blades with 5 different and easily adjustable depth positions to a maximum cutting depth of 2.5 inches. The flexibility of the blade also includes the ability to adjust it 15 degrees to the left or right for efficient beveled edging.

When it comes to movement, you won’t have to struggle with any rough spot on the curb. This is largely due to the adjustable front and rear wheels that are notable for their ability to hop on curbs and slice smoothly across tough spots while edging. It comes equipped with a sturdy blade guard and metal frame to protect the edger from garden debris and other flying objects. The relatively quiet edger is easy to assemble and the instructions make this takes even easier.

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#3. Echo 225VP PAS Trimmer And Edger

Up next is this very portable and lightweight gas powered stick edger that allows you to use up to a dozen attachments. This accounts for the PAS in the name which stands for Professional Attachment Series.

Though not as big as the walk behind units in this review, this is the perfect edger if you have a small lawn. The 21.2cc two-stroke engine generates more than adequate power and torque to create perfectly manicured sidewalks while the trimmer attachment easily cuts through grass no matter how tough. And if you are wondering, the trimmer attachment or any of the other attachments can be used without dissembling the edger.

Other features include commercial grade air filters for engine longevity, cushioned throttle and left handle grips for comfort and control, the highest possible EPA engine rating for durability, engine vibration-reduction design to enhance comfort, unique i-30 starting system that reduces the effort it takes to start the engine by about 30%, a metal shield that is resistant to clogging for protecting the edger attachment, and much more.

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#4. Earthquake 23275 Landscape & Lawn Edger

If you think the Earthquake 23275 lawn edger looks solid, that is because it’s very solid in both performance and build. It simplifies the job of edging a lawn by taking all the hard work that is involved: while the edging job might look difficult or tasking, it would be barely noticeable once you put the edger into action.

One open secret to the power of this machine is the 79cc Viper four-stroke engine that is extremely easy to start. You’ll be pleasantly amazed by the precise cuts and clean, pristine lines it delivers thanks to the 9″ spring steel blade. With the beveling head that can be adjusted to angles of between 70 – 110° and five adjustable cutting depth settings, you can trim the lawn as close to perfection as it can get, create and design a unique landscape no matter the type of grass on the property, and even cut perfectly symmetrical trenches.

The edger comes with 4 sturdy wheels that provide balance along the curb, driveway, or walkway to help you maintain straight edges all the time. It also features a chain guard to protect users again flying debris while you get a place to store small tools in a tool holder conveniently attached to the comfortable handlebars.

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#5. TrimmerPlus TPE720 Dual Lawn Edger Attachment

This gas lawn edging tool is perfect if you don’t want to buy a complete gas lawn edger unit; perhaps because you already have power lawn cutting equipment with a tool attachment feature. This budget option from TrimmerPlus is an edger attachment that is compatible with most major brands such as Craftsman, Troy-Bilt, Greenworks, Ryobi, etc. It easily attaches to your power tool via the 1-inch diameter tube driveshaft connector instantly transforming your lawn equipment into a lawn edger.

The gasoline powered edger attachment features a 7½-inch double hardened steel blade that effortlessly trims between curbs, landscape beds, and sidewalks to deliver a manicured and clean lawn. To ensure you remain on a steady path for complete control during edging, it is also equipped with large guide wheels.

Nothing is spared to make this unit mimic the complete unit. For instance, for more precise cutting and edging, the blade’s cutting depth can be adjusted up to 2.5 inches. Simply chose the depth that works best for you and the edger would take over.

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Things to Consider When Buying Gas Lawn Edger


You might it challenging to choose a suitable lawn edger because there are, literally, dozens of gas lawn edgers in the market. This section is a comprehensive take on how to narrow down your choices, and ultimately pick an edger that is the best fit for your needs when shopping for one.

Property or lawn size: This is one of the first things to consider before you start your search for an edger. Generally, the size of your property or lawn would determine the type of edger you’d get relative to the size or power of the lawn edging machine.

For instance, a bigger lawn means more edges to work on. To get the job done faster, a powerful edger would be best. Conversely, you’d be okay with a small gas powered lawn edger if the property is small. That said, if you are looking to get one for commercial purposes, a powerful (large) edge is your best bet.

Gas lawn edger type: When it comes to lawn edgers powered by gasoline, there are two distinct types: stick models and walk-behind models. The type you pick depends on factors such as the size of the lawn, the nature of the job to be done, your budget, and perhaps your strength.

Stick gas powered lawn edgers are suitable for homeowners with small yards. They are comparatively lighter and easier to maneuver along the edges. This makes them better around curves or tight spaces such as flower beds.

Walk-behind gas edgers are bigger, more powerful, and are best suited for large properties or commercial uses. They offer more stability, especially when working along curbsides. They easily straddle concrete and the edge of the turf for neater and better cuts.

And compared to the handheld models, you are unlikely to expend more energy working with them even though they are heavier. This is because the ground takes the whole weight of the machine.

Engine Capacity: The power of a gas lawn edger is measured in torque or cubic centimeters (cc). The power range starts from a low of 20cc right up to a maximum of about 150 cc. The torque, in foot-pounds, starts from a minimum of 5 to a maximum of 7 foot-pounds.

In both cases, the numbers are proportional to the power. This means, the higher the number, the more the power of the edger.

You can conveniently use this variable to pick a product that matches the size of your lawn or the types of jobs the lawn edger would handle. Essentially, you don’t need much power for personal or home use except your property, and consequently your lawn, is huge. For commercial purposes though, get an edger with a higher power rating.

Type of motor: The number of motors in a gasoline lawn edger is one of the ways of classifying them. There are two types: 2 cycle and 4 cycle motors.

The number of motors can also be used to determine the power of the machine. Simply put, the 4 cycle engines are bigger, louder, more powerful, and more expensive than the 2 cycle motors.

With the 2 cycle motor lawn edger machines, the gasoline has to be mixed with motor oil in the right proportion before powering it. This could be a turn-off to folks who can’t be bothered with getting the right mixture of oil and gasoline each time they want to refill the gas tank.

To be clear, 4 cycle machines also use motor oil. But they come with a separate tank for the oil and the mixing is done automatically.

Blade angle: You want to look for an edger with an adjustable blade angle. These models offer a lot of flexibility in terms of the type of cuts along the edges such as a beveled edge and other types of intricate cuts. The most versatile units come with blade angle adjustment that allows you to set the blade angle horizontally (90°). In that position, your edger is transformed into a trimmer.

Blade depth: Another important factor to keep in mind is how deep the edger can cut. Usually, a cutting depth of between two and three inches is adequate for most lawns. But if your task requires deeper trenches, to bury cables for or to strongly highlight specific areas for instance, you’d want a blade with a deeper cut.

That said, the smart move is to be on the lookout for edgers with height-adjustable blades. With these, you easily adjust the cutting depth depending on the specific area you need to work on or the job requirement.

High-quality materials: We all want our tools and equipment to last as long as possible with as few repairs as possible along the way. The same goal should be kept in mind when choosing an edger for your lawn.

Though you’d have to pay a bit more for lawn edgers constructed with high-quality materials, it is a more sensible long-term investment. Think of all the savings you’d make in repairs and replacing components. More importantly, you’ll avoid the frustration associated with your machine packing up in the middle of a task.

Wheels: Large wheels are better than smaller wheels for easy movement along the curb or on soggy surfaces. Some models feature wheels that can be adjusted automatically which can be very handy in curb hopping or while working on uneven surfaces.

Attachments: Many of the best gas-powered lawn edgers add more functionality to the design by featuring multiple attachments to the package.

For instance, the units can include extra tools to attach to the machine to perform different tasks. An attachment could turn the edger into a trencher for instance.

Another common feature is the easy switch between a string trimmer and lawn edger by simply replacing an attachment tool in the machine’s head. This would be a good option when it comes to choosing lawn edgers if you regularly have long grass to deal with in your garden or lawn.

Easy to use: If this is your first edger, you should pick a product that, operational-wise, isn’t complex and is very comfortable to handle at the same time. The best place to start is a lightweight unit with straightforward controls.

For large yards or commercial jobs, an edger with good tires is the way to go. Also, consider a machine with a wide handle; or in place of the wide handle, pick a model with two levers. These make it easier to maneuver and control the edger.

Still on handles, if you come across a good unit with an adjustable handle, go ahead and pick it if it ticks all other boxes. This feature ensures you can adjust the height of the edger to a comfortable position relative to your height. Adjustable handles are also handy for accessing places that are hard to reach.

Storage: Where you have to store your edger is very important for maintenance issues and the durability of the product. The size of your storage might ultimately determine the size of the edger you choose.

Since it is inadvisable to leave it outdoors after use, ensure that you have adequate storage space for your chosen edger before purchase.

Why Gas Lawn Edgers Are The Best


  1. Gas lawn edgers have more potency than other types delivering more cutting and trimming power.
  2. They are best at digging into previously untouched soil compared to other edgers.
  3. Precision is one feature that marks them out as the best choice when it comes to lawn edging
  4. It is fairly easy to incorporate a gas edger into your garden or lawn tools if you have a gas trimmer or gas mower already. They all come with similar safety precautions and maintenance routines.

Quick User Guide

Assembly: Assembling your Edger is the first thing to do before using it. Some of them are sold already assembled so you may not have to do it yourself.

Many, though, would require some form of assembly. Typically, the best place to start is to read the instructions manual. This is usually illustrated and easy to understand.

If you read it carefully, the assembly shouldn’t pose any significant problem. Otherwise, you could always look for help from somebody who is adept at working with garden machinery and power tools.

Mow the lawn: Before starting, ensure you mow your lawn using a lawnmower to the preferred height. A grass height of about 2.5 inches should suffice.

Planning: It is also important to scope out the work before you start edging. This is the stage where you mark the starting and ending points and get the sort of tools (attachments) to use in specific areas. If the area to work on is large and flat, plan the work so you end it where you started.

If the area has many curves or is complicated, you could use a string or stakes to mark it.

Moving with the edger

  • Ensure the edger is kept straight and rigid at all times
  • While edging, consider moving only your body and not your arms to maintain consistency. Your arms should only be used to hold the machine steady
  • Try as much as possible to walk on the sidewalk or footpath instead of on the lawn while edging. This is primarily to maintain your body balance relative to the forward movement of the machine.
  • Also, walking on the lawn while edging could inadvertently lead to cutting into the lawn as opposed to cutting off the edge of the lawn only. This would naturally lead to constantly redefining your lawn’s edge as you try to correct the mistake.

Don’t rush

Don’t be in hurry to edge a particular area or you’ll find yourself going over the same area again. No matter how tempting it is to sync your enthusiasm with the power tool’s cutting efficiency, stick to a more measured pace or the final result might be poor.

Cleaning up

A thorough cleanup after edging is necessary. If you have one, use a leaf blower to force the clippings onto the lawn or you could use a broom instead.

Removing the clippings and other debris would give the lawn that polished and perfect look which is the whole point of getting the lawn edger.

Another reason to clean up is to deprive grass and weeds of a fertile place to grow as a result of the piling up and decomposition of the clippings and other debris.

 Maintenance Tips For Your Gas Lawn Edger Engine

  • Always check the belt for any sign of fraying or cracking before starting the engine.
  • The recoil rope must also be subjected to regular checks to ensure it’s completely retracting.
  • Things that can prevent full retraction (or stiffness) include inadequate lubrication and/or excess debris. Simply detach the recoil, clean, and/or lubricate it to resolve the issue.
  • Regularly check the engine oil if you are using a 4 cycle lawn edger. Make sure you wipe off the oil dipstick before checking the oil level so that dust or dirt are not introduced into the engine.
  • Since a loan edger’s operation usually involves a dirty and dusty environment, try to replace the oil more frequently than the manufacturer’s recommendation.
  • Experts recommend that you treat the air filter the same way as the oil when it comes to replacement. The proximity of the air filter to the blade and exposure to the environment means dirt and grass are frequently flung at the engine during operations. Again, change the filter more frequently than what is recommended in the manual.
  • Clean the machine at the end of each task. Proper cleaning comes with several benefits such as allowing you to check for faults like leaks, damaged components, and loose nuts/bolts.
  • Simply tightened loose nuts or bolts and replace damaged components that can’t be fixed.
  • Allow the engine to cool down before you start cleaning. Apart from the likelihood of getting severely burnt, applying a cold cleaning solution to the hot engine may cause cracking of some parts and other types of damages.


Sometimes, the difference between a good lawn and a super awesome one is the attention paid to important details like edging. A lawn edger, when employed strategically, can transform a normal lawn into a  picturesque, polished picture book landscape usually found in the homes of the truly wealthy who can afford the services of a professional landscaper.

But you don’t have to be wealthy to achieve similar results. Simply using the very best gas lawn edger can give your lawn that appearance especially if you have a big property or simply want professional-level results no matter the size of your lawn. The gas lawn edgers in this guide are all great choices to consider if you want the best. But if none of the products here appeal to you, use the information in the buyer’s guide to help you find an edger that matches your needs.


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