5 Best Battery Powered Backpack Sprayer [Detailed Review]

Backpack sprayers are some of the most convenient gardening and farming equipment for the control of pests and weeds used by both professionals and homeowners. Designed for comfort, they easily let users deliver the right dose of pesticides and herbicides for insects for pest-free gardens, farms, and outdoor environments in general. Finding the best battery powered backpack sprayer can be frustrating, tiring, and even costly; except you’ve got a guide like this to show you the ropes.

The best ones are ergonomically-designed for comfort and are versatile enough for the delivery of other liquids such as fertilizers. Essentially, instead of using a hand sprayer or hauling a heavy metal cart around, you simply enjoy the convenience of strapping one over your shoulders and go about the business of spraying for as long as possible. It gets better and easier if the sprayer is battery operated as opposed to a manual sprayer that is energy and time-consuming for large spaces.

Keep reading to learn more about where and how to get the best battery powered backpack sprayer, how to choose the most suitable from a bunch of awesome sprayers, how to use one, and a host of other related tips you’ll need to get the best from your purchase.

Top 5 Best Battery Powered Backpack Sprayers: Review

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Jacto PJB-16 Backpack Sprayer

Chapin 63924

YT25E Battery Sprayer By Sprayers Plus

Hudson 19001 NeverPump Bak-Pak Sprayer

Chapin 63980 Black & Decker

Reviewed below are five (5) of the best battery powered backpack sprayers selected from several dozen after hours of rigorous research. No matter the product you select from this review, you are sure to get your money’s worth in the immediate and long run.

1. Jacto PJB-16 Backpack Sprayer

This Jacto PJB-16 battery operated backpack sprayer is worthy of attention for several reasons. Though not a popular brand, it offers all the benefits of a premium brand. It is a versatile, heavy-duty unit with a no-nonsense design perfect for lawns, gardens, small farmers, and even nurserymen. You would love the consistent spray pressure regardless of the battery level thanks to the high-quality diaphragm pump.

Weighing just over 8 lbs, it comes with a removable battery that’s capable of delivering up to 8 hours of continuous service on a full charge. It takes about 4 hours to recharge it fully which is quite a decent charge time for battery packs of this size. And with the 4 gallons tank, you have the capacity for enough liquid. The UV resistant tank also bears accurate volume markings in both gallons and liters to help you optimize the use of chemicals.

Other notable features include a 53″ hose that is resistant to chemicals, field serviceable trigger valve with lock, a 22″ stainless steel wand complete with a nozzle filter, 5 pressure settings with pressure lock, speed indicator, auto shutdown, low battery indicator, padded straps and much more.

2. Chapin 63924

With several amazing features combined with a very practical design, it’s easy to understand why the 63924 is one of Chapin’s best battery operated sprayer. And that is saying something considering their awesome inventory. Easy to operate, the sprayer is very comfortable to carry even when the 4 gallons tank is full to the brim. You have the padded straps to thank for that. The straps are designed to provide extra support for the back during long or short applications.

The 24 bolts battery is capable of a non-stop application of 58 gallons of product. It comes equipped with a built-in, serviceable, 3 stage filtration system that ensures that debris and contaminants are prevented from clogging the top of the nozzle. You would also love the cushion grip auto-shutoff and 6″ wide mouth opening of the tank making it easy to fill or clean the tank when you are done working for the day.

Other awesome features include the adjustable brass cone nozzle, 20″.extension wand, a 48″ hose made of clear reinforced material for durability, and a 35-40 PSI with a 25-30 foot maximum horizontal spray system.

3. YT25E Battery Sprayer By Sprayers Plus

If you are looking for a battery operated backpack sprayer for a small garden for normal pest and insect control in the yard, you can’t do better than this 2 gallon sprayer. The cylindrically shaped sprayer weighs just over 6 lbs and comes with premium-grade Viton seals that let you handle all types of lawn and garden applications for prolonged periods without issues. Reliability would never be an issue with this compact unit.

It comes with the full complement of specs you’d expect in a sprayer of this quality. This includes comfortable shoulder straps, a pump that delivers a 30 PSI working pressure capable of a horizon spray distance of 33 feet, and a vertical distance of 23 feet. This is more than adequate to cover a lot of ground quickly.

Easy to use with very intuitive settings, the package also features a variety of high-grade nozzles that deliver the goods in terms of choosing how you want to work and a 12V Lithium-Ion battery that can spray up to 18 tanks on a single full charge.

4. Hudson 19001 NeverPump Bak-Pak Sprayer

Like Chapin, Hudson’s sprayers also have pedigree based on quality and efficiency. The Hudson 19001 model is a beneficiary of all these and much more. The attention to detail in the design of the 4 gallon unit aims to achieve a comfortable experience matched by the efficiency for those lucky to purchase one.

That comfortable experience starts with the ergonomic, cushioned, and adjustable shoulder straps with pads for even weight distribution. The conveniently large valve comes with an auto-shutoff feature to prevent waste of solution mix. There is also a valve lock to ensure continuous spraying so you can concentrate on holding and pointing the wand in the right direction.

In terms of power, it comes with a high-performance removable and rechargeable Li-ion battery capable of powering the unit for several hours non-stop; and with the 6-inch tank opening, users would find that filling the tank is without hassles. This makes it very easy and convenient to wash it before storage. With the included removable filter to keep debris and dirt out of the tank, it is unlikely you’d waste too much time cleaning out the tank.

5. Chapin 63980 Black & Decker

Rounding off this review of the best battery powered backpack sprayers is another awesome unit from Chapin. The 20V battery capable of spraying up to 50 gallons on a full charge is one of the notable differences between the 63980 and the previous Chapin. Like the other model, it is equipped with Viton seals and gaskets in all the right areas to ensure efficiency during application.

It also comes with an in-tank filter to prevent contaminants from getting inside. The 6 inch wide tank mouth makes it very convenient when filling the tank or cleaning it before storage.

Other features include a battery charger for convenient charging, cushion grip shutoff with nozzles, and a pump system that generates up to 35 PSI capable of a horizontal stream of around 35 feet! With all the features and specs optimized this way, this is simply the sprayer you want for a small, medium-sized garden or yard.

Things to Consider When Choosing A Battery Powered Backpack Sprayer

In an ideal world, choosing the sprayer you want would be simply about picking the first one that catches your fancy knowing the quality would be up to the desired level. In real life though, you are as likely to invest money on a mediocre product as a quality one.

On the other hand, even with a guide like this with several awesome backpack sprayers, you’d have to select just one. This can be confusing too since all the products are excellent.

Below are the features to look out for and what to consider before selecting a sprayer whether you are shopping blindly or have a list of cool products like this guide.

Where it would be used

A key consideration before investing in a sprayer is how it is going to be used. If you have a small indoor or outdoor garden and you want to treat new or small infestations only, you’d probably be better off getting a manual sprayer.

An electric backpack sprayer is best utilized for large areas where you are likely to work for hours on end. The point of designing it like a backpack ensures you don’t get tired easily lugging it around. And unlike a manual sprayer, using an electric sprayer requires little or no effort as the liquid is sprayed automatically. Your job is basically pointing the nozzle in the right direction.

Battery capacity

The capacity of the battery measured in milliamp-hour, mAh, will determine how long the sprayer can be used non-stop. Obviously, you want a battery capacity that won’t run out on your midway through the job. The best products have a battery of at least 8 hours when fully charged. That is long enough to work the whole day without stopping due to a low battery.

Pump type

Backpack sprayers’ delivery system is controlled by pumps. There are two types: piston and diaphragm. The sprayer can only have one. The type of pump you chose usually depends on usage.

Piston pumps based backpack sprayers are common among homeowners due mainly to the simple design. They are also relatively easy to repair, and the pressure ratings are perfect for light to moderate use.

In terms of overall design and function, diaphragm pumps are best for professional pest and weed control experts. The pumps are made of materials resistant to strong chemicals.

Spray pressure

The pressure of spray jetting out of the nozzle is measured in pounds per square inch (PSI). This pressure rating is used to determine the effectiveness of the sprayer. Less than optimal PSI will result in uneven spray with reduced effectiveness while too much would be excessive most likely leading to waste of fluid.

In theory, the PSI rating is directly linked to the size space or work to be done. This theory only works best in extremes. For instance, a 40 PSI would be enough for small spaces but far inadequate for larger areas. On the other hand, it would be a waste of money getting a product with a PSI of up to 150 if your yard is all the work ahead of you.

If you are a bit confused about the PSI to go for, you could ask the pros for a recommendation. Giving them accurate information about the size of the space would help in arriving at a PSI rating that best fits your requirements. Generally though, if the space or yard is large with many several difficult-to-reach spots, a 70 PSI is what you are looking at.

Think Comfort

If you have to spend several hours carrying a load, surely you’ll do anything to make yourself as comfortable as possible. When choosing a sprayer, you must watch out for design features like the spray wand grip, shoulder straps, and tank design.

Choose a spray wand that is designed to reduce fatigue while holding it. While an ergonomically contoured tank that rests comfortably on your back should be at the top of your list when it comes to comfort.

For the straps, look for adjustable straps with extra padding that are also resistant to chemicals. For some sprayers, you’d have to get padded straps separately.

The Spray wand

As a vital component, this is one feature you must not overlook. It goes without saying that it must be of high-quality. This is important to promote efficiency while using it.

It is best to get a pump with a versatile wand that would accept standard and premium quality caps and nozzles like Teejet. This ensures that your options would include a variety of industrial-grade tips.

The length of the spray wand should not be discounted. Generally, longer wands are easier to use. Accessing difficult areas with them is less stressful.

With shorter spray wands, your ability to attain accurate application results would be hampered.

Quality of the tank

Look for a tank made from high-density polyethylene material for durability. The tank should also feature UV protection against harmful rays that might hasten the breakdown of the chemical inside the tank while working on hot sunny days.

Extra Accessories to consider when choosing a battery-powered backpack sprayer

Backpack sprayers, like most equipment and tools, can be upgraded with the right accessories. To be clear, some models come with the listed accessories so you could take a pass on them.

Below are some accessories ideas to consider for your backpack sprayer:

Wands with auto-shutoff – The auto-shutoff feature is important when spraying areas close to very sensitive plants. The feature is in most cases located at the tip of the wand and will completely stop unwanted dripping.

Wand extension – Is your wand not long enough for the type of work you do? You could customize it with an extension of up to 48 inches. The extension could either be straight or curved.

Pressure regulator – A device that regulates pressure basically helps to maintain consistent pressure while spraying. This is similar to the calibrator valve that is built into the valve or added to the sprayer of some models.

As well as maintaining optimal spray pressure, the device minimizes drift and stops undesirable pressure fluctuations (spikes and dips).

Get couplers – For convenient transportation and storage, consider adding quick couplers to the spray wand. These cuts the time that is needed for the spray wand to be removed by a huge margin.

Optimal Spray Tank Volume

Understandably, you’d want a rank volume that can hold enough liquid for the size for the garden or space you want to work on. But going overboard is a real possibility; while getting a tank that is too small also happens especially when trying to save money.

When choosing the optimal tank size for a battery powered backpack sprayer, there has to be a balancing act between what you can carry comfortably and the area to be sprayed.

Typical tank sizes range between 2 and 6 gallons. To avoid wasting time refilling the tank while working, you don’t want to err on the side of a sprayer with a 2-gallon tank. Conversely, with a 6 gallon tank, you might easily get tired or hurt yourself carrying something so heavy for a long time. Besides, there is a real possibility this could lead to waste when you have to deal with the remaining fluid in the tank after the task.

A tank size between the two extremes should be okay. 4 gallons has enough capacity to take care of most jobs without being too heavy. Incidentally, 4 gallons is the most popular choice among users.

How to Use a Battery Operated Backpack Sprayer

If you are new to battery operated sprayers, it is recommended you read the instructions manual that comes with every unit. Before you start though, make sure you wear protective work items such as goggles, gloves, boots, masks, and clothing. Then follow the steps below to start spraying.

  • Make sure the battery is charged fully
  • Check for leaks by testing it with water first.
  • If the above test is okay, poor in the solution mix
  • Check the instructions for the right spray pattern for the solution and choose a nozzle or setting that matches it.
  • Next check the spray nozzle connection to ensure it is secure
  • Turn on the unit and select the flow rate
  • Point the nozzle where you want to spray. Point it away from kids or pets and never against the direction of the wind
  • Activate the sprayer by depressing the switch system on the handle
  • Maintain a constant movement speed and direction while spraying to avoid missing or under/over-spraying some places

Understanding Spray Pattern and Spray Quality of Backpack Sprayer

Spray pattern – Without a good nozzle on the wand of the sprayer, the liquid would jet out in a single stream. With a nozzle though, the stream is deconstructed into several small or tiny droplets. The shapes created by the droplets on the sprayed surface would depend on the nozzle design. These shapes are the spray patterns.

Depending on the nozzle design, you’ll get different patterns with the ‘even flat-fan’ pattern being the preferred choice of most users. Other patterns include hollow cone, flood, full cone, and extended flat fan.

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Spray Quality – Basically, spray quality is all about the size of the droplets from the nozzle. The sizes are classified between very fine at one end of the scale to extremely coarse at the other end.

The size of the droplets to use usually depends on the product that is being sprayed. This is usually spelled out in the instructions manual. The pressure and nozzle must then be adjusted to match the recommended droplet size and invariably, spray quality.

Generally, ‘very fine’ droplets would drift easily in the wind while ‘extremely coarse’ droplets might lead to uniform distribution issues because the droplets are too heavy to travel far enough.

Adjusting the sprayer for spray quality, also known as calibration, is a fine art that becomes easier with experience.

Maintenance Tips for Your Battery Powered Backpack Sprayer

The key to getting many years of exceptional service from a backpack sprayer is regular checks and maintenance. Below are some tips to ensure that.

Make sure the tank is emptied after the day’s job. Then wash it out with at least half a gallon of clean, warm water.

During winter, put antifreeze in the tank when storing the sprayer in an unheated storage area. Be sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions concerning storage during winter.

Before using it again after winter storage, clean it very well. Use lubricant on the seals and O-rings as recommended.

If the unit is used a lot during the growing season, clean and apply lubricant on it at least a couple of times.


Battery powered backpack sprayers have come along really nicely in terms of quality over the years. Now, utility and price tags are not mutually exclusive concepts; it is easy to get premium products at awesome price tags.

For most people choosing electric backpack sprayers for the first time, this ubiquity of quality products can pose a problem of choice. Purchasing the best fit is usually a balancing act that takes into consideration factors such as the area to be sprayed, how often the sprayer is going to be used, and a combination of product features that ensure quality and durability.

This might feel overwhelming. But it gets considerably easier with a buyer guide like this one that includes reviews of five of the best battery powered backpack sprayers.


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